Ever wanted to be a WordPress plugin developer and looking for a perfect WordPress plugin development Guide to help you get started and start solving WordPress problems by building WordPress plugin and Adding it to WordPress repository ? well here are 5 stunning sites to learn WordPress plugin development today.

5 Sites To Learn WordPress Plugin Development


learn wordpress developmenet

maybe if you really want to learn a program you should first visit the program base , and here is just a start guide to get you started creating your first and bets WordPress plugin, plus you could check various WordPress loop and hook functionality tags to get started.


wordpress development

A simple to follow WordPress coding Guidelines to help beginner get started in wordpress plugin development, with screen shoots and illustration



learn WordPress plugin development right from the scratch, with 1 – 4 case study illustration.


tut plus wordpress plugin development

WordPress site development with a short video on how to develop your own WordPress plugin plus code samples and resource files.

Site Point


wordpress plugin developmentsimple and no hidden wordpress plugin development , with real development case study illustration, plus code samples