wordpress best backup pluginWordPress backups is one great time saving piece every blogger needs – and getting WordPress Backup Plugin is one time saving piece to give you a ride over undue crash, un-due fall or better still an unwarranted break down of your blog , its content and its members.

let me give an instance when you need a backup.

Nairaland although not wordpress was once dis-sorted and affected by virus – as the story been said, it affected 70 percent of its members and 30 percent of its content, but trust me – it have got a backup file. all the web admin did was to restore a previous backup made and over 60 percent of users account was restored.

that’s what backup really does.

who don’t need an helping hand ? come on you need a back up buddy and here are the best wordpress backup plugin your blog needs.

11 Best WordPress Backup Plugin Every Blog Needs


 1. BackUpWordPressbanner-772x250-3

backupwordpress is one simple wordpress tool to help you back up your entire site including your database.

SUper easy to use – works with Uses zip and mysqldump for faster backups if they are available. here are its few features.


  • Works in low memory, “shared host” environments.
  • Manage multiple schedules.
  • Option to have each backup file emailed to you.
  • Uses zip and mysqldump for faster backups if they are available.
  • Works on Linux & Windows Server.
  • Exclude files and folders from your backups.
  • Translations for Spanish, German, Chinese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Lithuanian, Italian, Czech, Dutch, French, Basque.

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2. Dropbox Backup & Restore


maybe it’s not always about getting the backup made, but where the backup would really be.

your Cpanel ?

Guess what it’s gonna mean x2 of your blog current weight , you thus need a this plugin to help you do the job , what it does is – it creates a backup of your entire webpage and uploads it to your self created and secured drop box account, thus your site is always backed up online not in an FTP nor an hard drive.


  • Creates sites Full Backup (Files + Database) and stores on local storage or on dropbox storage.
  • Local Restore: restoration from Local backup at your web page and  restoration from Dropbox backup
  • With “dropbox backup & restore” plugin you can backup and restore WooCommerce shop link. Database  and products available at the time of update

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3.Database Backup Amazon S3

banner-772x250-3here is another reliable backup program , this time from amazon cloud server. easy to set and another neatly developed time piece to keep your site secured.


  • easy local back up functionality
  • Drop box backup functionality to Amazon s3 backup cloud
  • Automated backup can be scheduled

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4. Backup Guard

banner-772x250-4if you think your site is more professional to be and you need a premium wordpress plugin older than the so called premium the backup guard is just one piece for you with freemium and premium features . here is what i mean.


  • Unlimited backup – more than any back up you need within a short duration of time
  • Unlimited restore – restore your back up just when you want and when you need to.
  • Backup cancellation – OMG ! i was making a back up which was recently backed up, this meeans extra data storing capacity for me – eloo you have got an option to canceal any time you want.
  • Backup customization – choose which folders you want to backup


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5. WP Backitup

banner-772x250-5no set up required simple to set wordpress back up setting wordpress plugin – seriously wp back it up is so simple because you really don’t need any file to set it up.


  • Easy to use – one click to back up all your web content in a local file storage
  • Easy to setup because there is no setup required
  • Simple & easy to understand interface
  • Fast backups

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6. Backup

banner-772x250-4a really simple to use wordpress backup plugin with simple to use functionality style that can even back up your articles at the background not in the browser mode so you don’t have to wait all day until the back up is completed.



  • Worpress Backup works in the background
  • Backup can be used for manual backup of the data
  • Backup stores the backups on your Dropbox account
  • Backup stores the backups on your FTP serv
  • Automatization of the data backup is easy with WordPress Backup


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7. AnyBackup


a very useful Simple backup, restore, and testing wordpress backup plugin.


  • Zero-downtime restore
  • Works on low-memory VPS shared environments
  • Premium support includes a direct line to the engineers

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8. Backup by Supsystic

banner-772x250-6easy online back up restoration and migration your blog needs – tired of the amazon s3 back up cloud ? why not try drop box , all you need is this simple to to get started.


  • Backup to FTP
  • Backup to DropBox, Google Drive, Amazon S3 cloud service backup
  • Easy Customisation
  • Backup in archive with .zip

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9. VaultPress

banner-772x250-8need a dedicated real time support for your wordpress back up ? valtpress is a subscription service offering realtime backup, automated security scanning,


  • Real time suport
  • Real time dedicated backup service

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10. XCloner – Backup and Restore

Xcloner is a simple and free backup and restore plugin for WordPress backing up and restoring both site files and database related files , with simple setup functionality.

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11. Back up Rocks

Backuprocks is an Automatic Real-time WordPress Backup.



  • Automatic Real-time WordPress Backup
  • Complete WordPress Backup – files and database backup
  • Incremental Backups
  • All-time Backup History


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  1. Great list of wordpress plugins. As we all know that plugins are the real power of wordpress and every wordpress blogs are incomplete without plugins but choosing the right plugin for a blog is the toughest thing……Thanks a lot for the great list of wordpress plugins.

  2. excellent of the best backup plugins i have used since i started blogging is backup&restore dropbox- is very easy and reliable to use