email-marketingYou are wrong if you think your don’t need a company to work for you, you are also wrong to think your blog could be a stand-alone without the Email Marketing Company, plus , you are further wrong if you think the Email Marketing Companies is just a bunch of fragmented piece of trash .

Forgive me for being so mean, I really never wanted to . But seriously I get upset when I see upcoming and promising brands leave a lag on picking an Email marketing company.

Enough owk !

What’s this about these Email marketing Company and how does it assist my business.

When it comes to Digital Marketing , internet Marketing, Email marketing and Content marketing, all that should run on your simple mind is the email marketing companies.

Don’t get it missed up, “Email Marketing software” and “Email Marketing Companies” are still the same unit.

Just that the email marketing software, is the software or service used in the marketing process (Process like , sending Mails to subscribers, storing contact information, auto Response Program and so many more.)

Why the Email Marketing companies is the Organization behind the email market.

Here I wrote – 10 Email Marketing Software for Accurate metrics.

So why do small business need The Email Marketing Companies ?

1. To Increase Your Revenue

A recent post from Niel Petal tells “Capterra found that the average return on $1 spent on email marketing is $44.25. Nothing else comes even close” – I Think you should read the article from his blog , to see proven demographics and illustrative means one could boost up his revenue using email marketing companies / software [Read Hear].

Not excluding PPC, PPI, Nor the Affiliate Market,

How does this work?

A simple Technique the pro-bloggers use is to make a sales from a no sales.
I.E, you setup a program or a freebie (which is no sale) and send subscribed individual a new package which they could pay to buy (a New sales) – but seriously you need the branding, and can’t send 5 thousand messages to 5 thousand people, within one day.

Baaam !!- I think Have Got your Attention

That’s where the Email marketing companies comes in play.

They simplify your days job, while you schedule a post, plus send an auto response In your behalf.

2. To Increase Your Sales

Do you  cloths, sell books, or Gadgets ? come on you could send direct product links to your subscribers, in group, making sure you send Guys Stuff to Guys, and the female stuff to female.

You really don’t wanna send a sneakers to a Female, thus the email marketing companies help you do the sorting out.

But seriously can you sort 5k mails within 3 days, placing each under a specific Gender (sex type) interest and optin Motive ? – That’s where the Email marketing companies comes in play to help you do the job while you rest and sleep.

3. To Boost your Organization

80% of Bloggers Knows the promising software Hubspot, yea, because almost every one keeps seeing there message in there mail box.

Email marketing Companies helps to boost your organization with your choosing the sender mail, and imputing your Organization name.

Thus, Embedding the Organization name into the heart of the the subscribers.

4. To Create an Online Reputation

Almost Every one knows Neil Patel cause just every Week you must see a Mail with the sender name Neil Patel.

And that’s Him building his online presence and reputation.

Howdy, hope I tried to convince you. Look these are no mere pranks owk? I didn’t add an affiliate link nor did I promote any email marketing software, all I hope I did was convincing you to stepping up your game and using the Email marketing Companies.