wordpress tricksI stopped using the almighty WordPress cache Plugin and I think if you follow these few reasons of mine you could stop using it, and stop killing your bandwidth with excessive loads like I did.

I host my blog on site ground and on Qsevers which offers me amazing prices for even less.
One reason I consider hosting my blog on this kinda host is because they place your blog on a managed wordpress server, which helps you avoid the caching lags the shared wordpress server gives in other to make each sites load faster.

Even without top content delivery service like MaxCDN or Cloudflare, one’s blog could also load extremely fast on a managed wordpress sever.

Trust me , your site loads slow isn’t because of the fact that you have got loads of java script on it, nor because your theme has slider and so many features, but because of your blog caching duration which has a direct effect on your host server.

Personally had once had a serious issue about using a wordpress cache plugin, they are so many that one could hardly choose what one to use.

I was left with the choice of choosing W3 total cache which looks a bit more complicated and WP super cache.

But one thing I noticed is that these plugins didn’t allow my site loads faster instead its load slower.

I seriously think you should consider these article with great care, cause so many readers leaves and don’t read your article if they find it very difficult to load a single page.

Seriously, its not a networking issue on there part, haven’t you tried accessing a webpage which took over hours to load while others you tried accessing from that same PC has load ?

The plain truth is not because of host server run time , but because your host server is amazingly slow.

As a blogger I think you should spend more time optimising your content and building backlinks to rank your article not focusing on how fast your blog loads.

You could avoid always sniffing at your blog load time if you choose a well managed host plan befre lacuhing that blog.

In all Once your blog is hosted on a good managed wordpress hosting plan, forget about installing a caching plugin, speed is taken care of by your web host.


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