What is Blogging all about? Funny right? , I am pretty sure expressions like – am a Pro, what do I need to know what Blogging is all about for?

But people make mistakes too big to be called an excuse after there failure in Blogging because they don’t get the plain gist about Blogging.

Now permit me ask this Question again: What is Blogging All About?.

You May Say

– Its all about the Money
– Its all about the fame
– Its all about the people
– Its all about the interest
– Its all about the fans
– Its all about patience

Sad to say none of the above tells what Blogging really is about, and because people don’t get the main gist of this story, they tend to go astray while Blogging.

Blogging is never about the money, only %60 of the world Bloggers make money from Blogging, and because people are bent about the money they tend to forget a goal that would promise them the real money.

What then is Blogging all about?

Its Simple – Blogging is all about –

The Impact you Make

What difference does it makes as a Blogger, do people get bored by your content cause its the same in other blog? Do they just look at your headline and scroll through and assumes its the same content like the usual?

I Appreciate Bloggers who writes one article in a week for a less competitive keyword, and give it there best shot, than Bloggers who writes 5 article a day, with little or null good Quality.

The impact other bloggers make gave them fame, gave them the real name as a Blogger, and gave them the real money.

The Simple Life Problems you solve.

Yea !! What simple life problems do you solve?

Example: I bought a New Blackberry Phone and I don’t know how to use the flash light, could your blog be of help to me in this instance? Is it a simple and well arranged tutorial with screen shots example to help me get along and solve my problems in few steps?

One site analytic user behavior says –
“People who appreciate valuable content are really the content markets them selves, and they are in a way the unique visitor you would ever need.”

Some times people copy paste article change some few stuffs at the headline and the article and give a claim its the best article they made personally.

But the truth is any thing you can’t have, you wont have, and any thing you won’t have you can’t claim.

Blogs you are copying from would always remain at the crest, whereas you remain afar from them.

Why Place it on your blog, when you know people can always get to the source you copied it from,remember Blogging is all about the Impact you make.

The people you Educate

How many people find stuffs in your Blog interesting and addictive, its not all about writing , but how simple and influential your article really are, the reader are human such as I and you, do you for a pause stop and examine what make your content different from the others from the millions.

And just after considering those things practice seo and relax your reward is a surebet around the corner.