Google Adwords is a system designed to help marketers meet the right audience , by performing series of check, test and fail approach on a particular frequently search phrase and how it tally with your market.

With The Google Adwords client could place ads on Google Adsense approved site/blog and even Google it self on for a little token , featuring your ads as a “Sponsored-Link” with the brand name “Ads Choice.”

Thus allowing you Place your ads Even on Organic search result – Google search engine it self.

Ads located on the top page result of Google are likely to get 10x more clicks than those below. Thus using the Google adwords is far better than waiting for the Regular SEO search engine page result rank system.

No matter how you try, no matter what your rank is, ads placed by Google adwords is always on the first position before you in The SEPR (search engine Page Result)

Why Use Google Adwords

  • Google Adwords is 100% accurate, most searchers search to find answers on google search engine and not just to check for an update like the regular banner ads.
  • Traffic offered as a result of the use of Google Adwords has less percentage of Bounce rate, for users search and see what they want, not click and get what they don’t want.
  • For instance, you trigger a search keyword on Samsung Galaxy S4, you would see just above it, list of sponsored ads by Google for marketers.
  • It is no mistake that every who place there ads on highly search keyword like Galaxy S4 , is probably to make a sale every day, due to its high amount of search and its Nature. – every one searching Samsung Smartphone on the net has intention of buying it.
  • Even if you don’t get to sell it on the net, they could check for the phone spec , to buy from the regular shops.
  • Easy Geo Targeting system.
    For instance, if am running an online shopping mall here in Nigeria, trust me I don’t want to place ads of product I sell in sir Lanka or penuze, which shipping distance is too great, but with The google Adwords I could choose what locality view my ads and get to enjoy more rewards on my campaign .
  • Integration of Adword Express.
    Aka Google Boost, let’s assume you don’t have a website, using the Google Adwords express could help in directing users to your place , or social pages.
  • Language Targeting system
    You could target people who speak a particular language – I mean Dutch , spanish or Nigeria language (IGBO , Hauasa or Youruba), placing your ads where its mostly needed.
  • For instant, let’s assume you run a local eatery in your locality and its a “can’t do without delicacy in your country” you could run an ads on the delicacy native dilate. origination.
  • Google Adwords Re marketing.
    flowing from your Recently visit sites or searched tag you make, google could predict Ads on Google Adsense approved website, so you build a long connection and increase your unique customer rate.
  • Ads extension With this Feature one can easily add a “Call Us now”,” contact us now” or display there fanpage on the various pages of Google search engine where your business keyword Is located.
  • Its a way of increasing the CTR of your adds , for it makes them look more attractive and different from the regular page result, thus paying more attention to your sponsored ads.

How Effective is Google Adwords?

Its a 50, 50 chance, you are using a researched data – precisely estimated data, and possibly they must be uncertainties, it is therefore vita that proper management of spending is considered before placing a Bid On Google adwords.

Using PPC (pay per click), CPA (cost per action, CPC (cost per click ) and also CPM (cost per mile), It makes it an easy avenue one could lose his Money.

Yes!!, an easy way you could throw all your money to the Advertisers. one could place a couple of box on an ad network, but facing the wrong keyword phrase might some times yield no result, in your campaign, little wonder the Google Keyword research tool was offered up in this regards.

How it Works.

Its simple, Google Adwords chooses from bids and relevance as per user interest, thus giving high bids and Quality Ads the edge over the less bid.

The higher you bid as per a particular Keyword the Higher your position become,depending on the CTR ( click through rate), Google Adwords could charge a customer as a PPC (pay per click system).

What’s The major Factor affecting this?

Simply put – the Keyword phrase used, the difference between 20,000 page views on a keyword of “samsung Galaxy smartphone” and a 1,000 search relevance of a keyword of “samsung’s Galaxy Smartphone” is the “s”.

I know you really don’t want to Jump in the issue of bidding more capital into an highly populated Advertiser Keyword and then yield no or fewer result.

But fairly moderate Keywords are recommended.

Who can Make use of the Google Adword?

You , I and many more advertisers , having a web page to redirect people to.

Google Adwords is no lead page, and all ads created on it are redirected to another page, after Google might have crossed check that its not a squeeze page nor a phising website.

What Kind of Ads can I create?

Just any, but not – Pornography , casino, and other google censored search phrase.