Who says Content is the only one that gets optimized ?
Dull !!! You also perform SEO Optimization for Videos to get more video views and Clicks to your website.

Youtube is also another Big search engine millions are trooping in today.

Research shows out of 10 searches engine users , using the internet to solve a problem, 8 out of 10 prefer a video than a written article . And 80% of the content creator would love to create a video, to get that rank from youtube it self.

That means more stage fighting and more optimizing work for you, to beat them and get to youtube first page.

Hmmm , little wonder why some videos gets a better ranking position on Google search.

Google didn’t place it there – They got optimized there.

Have you ever tasted Google’s first page ? Trust me its Quite similar to youtube first page !.

That’s by the ways »

In this short article, we would learn how to perform Hosted and Non Hosted Videos.

Hosted videos (videos on your blog )
Non Hosted Videos on a third perty sites (e.g youtube ,vevoo, vemoo etc .)


  • Fill up meta data on your SEO keyword meta data box .
  • add video inscription
  • use the Google snippet , don’t just add a <frame> to signify its a video


  • Set attractive thumbnail
  • use descriptive description
  • make it a bit lengthy , thus the video algorithm system you use would know its really worth a while video.

10 video Optimization Techniques to Get 10+ Million Youtube Views

  •  Brief Titles
  •  Tags
  •  Add Call to action buttons
  •  Link to your website
  •  use deceptive description meta
  •  Maybe Video Keyword research aint really a bad idela.
  •  Self Hosted video
  •  Tell search engine its a Video
  • Make sure video url is not indexed instead transcription.

youtube video optimization

Making your Video Discoverable

Tagging and Titles

tags makes your video very easy to discover on any video platform even on Google, it tells more about the video, and gives a bunch list of video under the same video tag for easy and faster discovery.

tags don’t get you on Google first  page instead it gets you a potential to get more ranks, for instance  youtube changed the rank of videos on youtube first page to video bounce rate known as the video watch time – thus using a better tag plus a good video watch time could earn you youtube first page.

thus if you don’t like a video it means its not interesting and you wont watch it , so would others. thus the more your video watch rate the more your potential ranking on Google first page and on youtube front page, gone are the days of buying youtube video views.

Add  Video Transcription

try translating your video and uploading the transcript so any one of any language could access the video at any point in time.

it works like magic, increasing your transcribed language would give you  a guaranteed ranking for any one searching in countries language you transcribed – my little secret here i feel this video from searchenginewatch would help you – Watch Video tutorial.


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