Keywords are essential search tags Every Blog should include in there articles for better traffic from Search engine.

Keywords are list of often search and related keywords in form of (phrase , Verb , Noun, Adverb etc. ) Often used by search engine users to search for a particular search tag.

Keywords are Grouped in Various forms which includes The Geo-location Keyword research , The Language and The Suggest bid.

Easy to use keyword research tool like Google adwords would make targeting keyword more easier, For instance one can simply run a keyword research based on a specific keyword on another country and get a list of suggested bid, to know how productive the works on other country.

Well its not just about the keyword research , neither is it just about the keyword research tool, but it is about utilising the keyword searched from this keyword research tool, and possibly that’s what we are going to cover today.

Using Keywords in Title – ll you need to know

1. Don’t Fine Tune it
One thing you really don’t want to do is fine tune a keyword , e.g – a keyword Goes Like
“How to build a blog”, and you auto tuned the keyword to something like “3 ways to build a blog”, they are two things entirely, to be on the safe path, use keyword the way you see them.

2. Make keyword in Tittle Upper Case Latter

Google search for related keyword and match upper case with lower case, However my recent study shows that , it doesn’t match lower case keyword with upper case keyword.

Thus to be on a safer side, just use upper case latter for the beginning of each keyword e.g “social media marketing” – keyword , use “Social Media Marketing” – First alphabet capitalise.

Also specific short term rankable / abbreviated blogging keyword phrase like SEO, CTR, PPC should be written in upper caps later all through.

3. Differentiate Keyword from added phrase if possible.

Personally I prefer you distinguishing keyword from added suffix/prefix. E.g “social media marketing – My own Story”.

Its normal to use the “-” short dash while separating, or perhaps the ” ; “ semi column.

4. Make Title Short

If you had done a keyword research and really want to rank for that keyword – just make it simple and short if possible 60 word count, if your initial tittle length was 90 or 150, I would advice you to subtract or simplify so as to make the article rankable.

See the truth is – google love those who love them and obey there rules , the title meta rules says 60 per title (max) and when you out-lift there rule, you successfully disqualify your-self from the rankable nomination.

5. Place Keywords in Sub Title

Just one of those Google webmaster rules, I personally haven’t discovered a perfect theory for this, neither had I had the chance to test run its possibility of an article gaining more organic viewership / SEPR (search engine page result) ranking, but am pretty sure using matching Keyword is preceding subtitles makes your article more properly optimized for a particular keyword ( your targeted keyword), and that could perhaps boost your search engine rankings.

Howdy that’s how much I can take, thanks for reading.

Have any additions / contribution , use the comment box section below – I would be waiting.