Surely SEO (search engine optimization) is yet another difficult but reward-full task instructed to be practiced by all bloggers by search engine.
However practicing SEO isnt as easy and seamless and it seems, for there is more to seo than mere adding of meta tags and meta descriptions.

Others seo requirement includes easy page navigation, clean neat and perfect image structure and also a low site load time, and i think the below wordpress plugin would cover at least 5 basic important wordpress blog optimization.

For instance wordpress seo by squrilly helps you perform seo optimization checklist and keyword research before writing an article, seo by yoast helps you to add meta tags and robots.txt files to your wordpress blog, while simple url helps you create an seo recommended url.

wordpress seo by yoast1. WordPress SEO by Yoast

WordPress SEO by Yoast is yet another best wordpress Seo plugin to help you perform some basic SEO functions such as adding meta description and adding sitemaps and some pretty cool functions to your wordpress blog.


2. SEO Plugin by SQUIRRLY

SEO plugin by squirrly is yet another must use wordpress plugin with super features such as adding of meta tags and titles, and an quick and effective keyword research tool to  help you  get started.

simple urls3. Simple URLs

WordPress simple urls lets you set wordpress url the easy way and the most perfect manner, it also lets you keep track of all inbond linbks on your blog, and make you keep in control of all inbond links and the manner your ned it to be handled.


4. NextGen Gallery and Lightbox Plus

yet another effective wordpress plugin to add a seo recommended gallery to your blog, with light box and scroll effect.


5. W3 Total Cache

reduce the load time of images on your blog, and get more readers and get a more better rank from social media and search engines.

Hope that was helpful 🙂