Forum is one dynamic means to engage users 100% into your blog, and its a stylus way to get returning visitors.

Thankfully, Developers had made things a bit easier with the integration of forums into WordPress Blog, with main installation of plugins.

Amongst the WordPress based forum plugins are Q&A (Question and answers) WordPress plugin, with simple integration and Power features.

WordPress-based forum,

WordPress Question and Answer Plugin

1. Wp Symposium


Wp symposium, is yet another easy to use and integrate WordPress forum plugin, for all who wants to create a WordPress Based forum.

It has a Like and Unlike Option, with a Good to go design, that would be up and working in just a second by mere integration with short codes.

It also inform users when a topic is replied, created or followed.


2. bb Press


bbpress is one good to go WordPress plugin that turns your blog into a complete forum with just mere installation of the plugin, you would get your blog up and looking like the usual bbpress software installation.

bbpress also adds interesting features to the head section of your blog.

Works perfectly with BuddyPress WordPress plugin


3. CM Answer


Cm AnswersIs a good looking and user optimized wordpress plugin with a perfect ideal of a forum with ratings , thumbs up and many more function.

It has a Pro version for ($28) with more features than its free version.


4. AnsPress


Anspress, is a simple styled and fitting wordpress form plugin with similar functions and features like DW Q&A wordpress plugin.


5. Dw Question & Answers

dw question and answer

Dw Question & Answer With this plugin , you can create a Question and answer forum and Get users engage in your content the more.

Just like others the DW Q&A plugin has a vote up and vote down thumb with rating.

Currently used at the Question Section of this blog,