Just like WordPress plugins, SMF has its Mods , known as modifications, which makes The building of SMF forums simpler and faster, once had a SMF forum, so i decided to share some of those modifications i used that made my forum a little bit fun and easier.

Top 15 Best Simple Machine Forum (SMF) Mods

1. Default Avatar

usually i hate it , when must users don’t upload an image to there profile, and this Mods solves it all, it categories any picture into the two main sex type, male and female, and thus set a default image for both males and female.

2. Download System

With Download System SMF Mods, users get to set a proper and good ideal download system on there blog, after all its a forum it would sound a little bit convenient with a Download System.

3. Simple Portal

with SMF Simple portal, you can add right or left side widget areas to your forum,, just like WordPress, it also adds some functions and features to your forum.

4. SMF Gallery Lite

This Mods create a Gallery, just like WordPress blog, and enables logged in users upload and download file secure. it is a pretty good Mod to install if you need a Gallery attached to your SMF Blog.

5. SA Facebook Integration

With this plugin, you can get to add all Facebook features into your blog, most of which includes, recommendation bar, Facebook comment system likes, and auto post.

6. Remove Index From Title

This mods remove the – index usually found at the back end and front end of a SMF from, having something like, index of – or page index of, it removes the annoying text from the browser title.

7. Ultimate Profile

Give your logged on users, the ultimate authority to ultimately manage, remove,delete,retrieve or edit there own profile, just the way they want it.

8. Ad Management

This Mods allows you insert ads from third pasty sites into yours, most of which includes, media net(yahoo) Google (adsense) ,Addynamo, chikata,infolinks and man more.

9. Related Posts

This Mods, adds a List of related Forum Topics, created by any one, and thus help in reducing your Forum bounce rate.

10.  WAP Mod

This Mods changes your In-responsive old fashioned mobile view of SMF in mobile into some thing new and cool, with options to change css if you know about coding, but if you dont, you could always use cool ready made designs.

11. Enotify

This mods refreshes your message and Notifications without a complete refresh of the complete page.

12. Optimus Brave

This plugin, allows you set meta titles and descriptions for your forum.

13. Country Flags

This mods shows current online users location based on country flag.

14. Remove Help From Menu

this mods helps in removing the help link text in the menu of your SMF forum, which is linked to SMF Help page.

15. Advanced Recent Posts

adds a pretty cool Advance recent post function to your forum, with blocked and mouse over effects features.