Is your Phone malfunctioning? Or some app seems slow, maybe your network connection is dragging like a snail, or you just don’t know what’s wrong but you just don’t enjoy speed on your Smartphone.

Then to stay safe , you need to be in safe mode.

What’s Safe Mode on Android Phone?

Safe mode is a phone boot style like the Reset phone and Switch off Device boot, that works with there device of and on, however the safe mode would make sure no unnecessary apps, and Files are loaded along the file, and that only system required files are loaded so as to ease up some memory space.

How to Toggle On Safe Mode on Sony,LG, HTC, Motorola, Huawei, Nexus

1. hold down your power button and a pop up message your appear, continually hold down the power button and a message would appear telling you are are about to enter into safe Mode.

Repeat the same to remove safe Mode.

How to Enable Safe Mode on Samsung, LG, HTC, as well
as on Nokia X phones.

This method is known to work on smartphones by phones and other handsets running stock Android.
1. Turn Off device Completely.

2. Power on Device and wait until the Manufacture logo Appears,Then Simultaneously Press Power on + Volume Down.

3. Your device would be boot into safe mode.

However in some device boot into safe mode is readily available with a mixture of some control keys.