Every one wants to own a blog and just many has a blog, but just few persons reckon they could easily loose there blog, so many bloggers like I had made so many Blogging Mistakes, and had learnt from it.

Its not an issue of installing wordpress firewall plugins that restrict some plugin trying to access dashboard functionality, but about knowing ways you personally ignorantly loose your blog unknowingly to you.

So I ask again – Think Your Blog is safe ? But here are Ten ways you can Lose it today

1. Playing smart with Codes

So you know how to code, you know the ends and scares of PHP , HTML and java script ? The core programming language of wordpress ?

But messing up with some codes functionality could really cause you your Blog, example of folders having code functionality you don’t want to mess with are.

– wp-content
– wp-admin

    – Index.php
    – Js (Folder)

– wp-includes

Those are wordpress delicate folder.

2. Ignoring WordPress update

According to a widespread update of wordpress insecurity striking all blog failing to update your wordpress (XSS). blogger could easily lose there blog if they ignore updating outdated stuffs on there blog.

3. Bridging secure files

Bridging secure files to access remote function like XML RPC , which allows you to update your blog from a remote device is one easy way for you to lose your blog.

XMLRPC exploit uses the WordPress ‘Post
PingBack’ feature to bounce calls from site
to site, in turn if your site isn’t protected it could be used to DDOS other sites.

DDOS meaning Denial-of-service attack, meant to
full up and overload requests to your
server, until real traffic ends up getting
blocked or the server crashes.

Maybe reading This Warning probably would shape your view of using it.

Little wonder few host lock down its functionality by default.

4. Patching files

Let’s assume you messed up with the index.php file of your blog, normally you could download another file from wordpress file base and patch the messed up files.

But in alteration, this ain’t good, some files have the rewrite function that writes certain functionality and certain codes to flow along with the theme and some available plugin. Patching files could cost you blog if proper care is not taking into consideration.

5. Unprecedented deletion of files

Every host system has an error_log file that allows every one see certain plugins or theme causing malfunction on your blog.

Let’s assume you spot the problem , and you feel the best way to treating it is deleting it in an instance.

Well it would amaze you to know that 50% of blogs where lost by unprecedented deletion of files.

Its PHP render remember ?

Most files are linked to each other with a special encoding character and you removing it means you are messing up with your blog in whole.

Little wonder you are asked to upload and overwrite a file , not to delete and upload a file while trying to update a file.

6. Installing database connected plugin

Few plugins require a database connection, and not all of these plugins are good to have.

Reason be that some of these plugin are outdated and don’t have an updated function rule with the latest version of wordpress.

7. Failing to heed to instruction.

One way 70% of lost blogs owner conform they loosed there blog data is by failing to heed to instruction.

Few plugins like “Database Cleaner” and “Database Optimizer” have notably done away with 30% of well written post and promising blogs.

8. Practising plagiarism

Its simple – you copy paste content/article/videos/ebooks/images (copy righted)/pod cast to your blog – you get noticed by Google – you get ban by Google – you lose your blog 🙂

But seriously it ain’t really funny.
You don’t have to practice plagiarism if you don’t need to, and I think reading This article , would help you avoid practising plagiarism.

9. Hosting copy righted files

Few files are copy righted and just a few web admin would call to your notice of your hosting there copy righted file.

So many would just run a DMCA attack and that’s a Minus for you – a minus on our ranking, Moz trust, page authority and domain authority.

10. Failing to Backup file

Losing well written articles won’t be an issue if you regularly make a backup of files in your database,it is therefore recommended all files are backed up at most once every month.

In conclusion

Howdy, I know you are a pro at programming, and what you do best, but certain rules don’t change, obeying them saves you the stress of experiencing them.