In life things changed, and Blogging is no exceptional, things changed, SEO changed search engine got smarter, and Blogging got bigger, there are so many things that changed, back then when blogging used to be a child’s play. There are so many things we wished never happened, so many things we wished never changed, and today is shall share some few things i wished never changed in blogging.

  1. Rate of Content index by search Engine

The rate of content indexing changed so greatly and because of the rate of increment in blogs, thus search engine indexing changed because search engine have to change the rate of concentration,so that they give maximum benefit to search users.

Search engine now index content that are relatively close and interlinked, it was discovered that they index blog having in-depth sub=domains.

Because of the increased number of blog daily, search engine set there rules and make sure that any blog that cant keep the search engine optimization rules get ban from search engine.

  1. The Rate of 3rd Party Ads Service

As at 2007 The rate of third party ads service was calm and smooth, all you need do is to apply for Google Ads Service and in a day or so you would get approved, but now , things changed it could ge you up to 3 weeks to luckily get there approval.

Things changed in this aspect because of 3rd party service wants to display relevant ads to relevant blogs and sites.

Because of the increased rate of willing publishers it takes longer than usually for a person to get approved since they are so many qualified blogs than others.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

Yea This changed, Search engine introduced On-page and Out-page Search engine optimization, and this was where the site defacer “Google panda” Came to play.

Nowadays, Blogs get ban easily and willing for breaking the SEO rules.

Before, all you need do is general SEO Optimization which is the <meta> data on the homepage , but nowadays you need to set personal SEO Meta data for individual pages.

  1. The Rate of Site Ranking

The rate of site ranking changed and Google changed its blog ranking schedule, to 3 months , which is really really different from what it used to be.

Google introduced the SEO Rank time , introducing the 201 Google ranking factors. Site disobeying this rule would not get a better SEO rank to there blog, and some times could lead to Ban.