So you still kinda schooling, and you just can’t leave blogging, probably because blogging is addictive or fetch you more money than your academia can presently fetch you. Surely facing the academic and trying to cover up for blogging simultaneously are two different things entirely.

I mean while you try to read for the exams, prepare for Lecture rooms, do some Assignment or Projects its really hard to find a suitable time to dish out your best information to your blog.

If you a Writer Like Me, who cannot possibly write with a crowded head (Having loads of things thinking , Or in a crowded environment ) Then all you possibly need is the blogging technique to help you, stay focused and keep writing.

Today I shall share the 3 (Three) Fabulous Blogging Technique every webmaster could employ, as an undergraduate, so you don’t make these 8 Biggest Blogging Mistakes I Made, this article would possibly help you to still nurture your blog and face the academic.

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The Ultimate Blogging Technique – For undergraduates

To ease things up am going to break into rules with each case study.

#1. Relief your self off Some Works

I was once an Undergraduate, and believe me you, writing some times is really hard, I mean, putting up the time in writing content, Yea !! Content, its not just a copy paste work you know, am a fan of grate article and professional write up, if you are that means we have few things in common, well it takes me 5 days to Make up a perfect good to publish article on my blog.Yea !! 5 days, I have to make more keyword research, consult more professional, take it to the social media get some opinion, and do my write up bit by bit, come on its not a routine, and possibly I can’t keep doing this every day.Writing on my blog isn’t daily, and if you write daily, no problem we would fix things up.I write to my blog 3 times in a Month, and publish over 15 articles in a month, because I don’t have to stress my self after the 3 days in a month i have dedicated to my blog.Here is what I do, I Let all The Pro Tools do the cron job, while all I think about is the write up, Yea !! Focus on Content.

I use Best social Media Autopost tool like [Hootsuite] which helps me auto post / auto share all my recent write ups to the date I set it to.

Don’t worry about Google Plus Hootsuite is still the best software that auto share post on Google +

I don’t write daily like I said all I do is let the plugins and the online software do the job, the next step is what I do to plan my day.

#2 Keep up with the draft

Next I do is I never play with the draft, I recommend you download WordPress For Blackberry smartphone, or Android smartphone, I once had it on my Google Nexus 5, it helped me a lot.

wpblackberry-dashboard-mockup-v1-6 wordpresss for androidDownloading wordpress for android, gives you easy to use, quick to access features which include upload images / Medias, write post, save draft ( usually to Phone memory) , write page , and view / moderate New / old comments, fascinating right !!!  all the things you do on your PC on your Mobile phone ?

That’s not all, as good as the wordpress for mobile phone sound, so does it has limited features / functions.

Like -:

  • You can’t access your wordpress Dashboard
  • You can’t Access some post
  • Just Forget about seo.
  • Paragraphs is Not supported
  • content structure is just out of it.
  • WordPress for Blackberry is out-dated.

Sorry if I scare you with the above defaults, hope you have forgiven me. what I do is, I devout 5 hours a day to my phone, if my PC is down, or if am not near by a cafe, I write on my phone, I no I can’t set paragraphs , I can’t do seo, and can’t access my plugins, plugins like Table press for wordpress in case I want to add a table to my content, or the All In One Seo Pack (in case I want to do Seo for individual pages).

After making up my write ups, I find / create a perfect photo for it, and upload it as a draft to my wordpress dashboard.

What this does is save my written post to my wordpress blog as a draft, so when am on PC I would always do the editing.

I don’t write 1 in a day although, I write 2 to 3 articles in a day and do the proof-reading immediately, sadly i spend almost the same time i use in writing proof-reading the same article.

The next day i shall Hook up time to get to a nearby Cafe or stay connected to the internet and do the editing in my post, I get to do seo, set a featured image, add image just any where I like, just before publishing, but I don’t just publish direct, I set it on auto publish post in a specific time / date. I.e my wordpress blog automatically publish a post I had programmed for it when the given time reaches (schedule post), usually I set it 2 post in a week, and poof… Off I go facing my study not thinking about the internet or my blog.

#3 Keep a List

Now for me to attain success on drafts I make , all I do is keep a list, yea !!! Its not just making a List but keeping it, and that I think had been my road to success.I Knew I wasn’t always chanced , so all I did was devout another day to the internet, this time, do a serious keyword research, I do so to generate great blogging ideals.Since I don’t have the chance and time to write continuously I needed make sure that all post I spend precious time writing are well promising.I keep a list of 20 blog topics I would create, and always get along with it, I make a tick on any article have written about so I don’t have to worry about the others.

Now down to you.

You could devout 3 hours to the internet, do some keyword research save into txt document or file save on a cloud storage you could always access online just any time you wish, or better still to your personal PC, after wards you, could devout another day to do the write up.

“Top CMS like Bloggers blog and wordpress are now going viral”, with an option to “Schedule Post” thus if you run a photo gallery blog that requires you to always update your content / Blog, all you need do is schedule the post through out the week, and poof…..  you are done getting your mind off the internet for that month.

Well Howdy !!! , here is how far i can go with sharing my personal experience and ideals which might tally with yours.
Please tell me your own gestured opinion or methodology you stay off writing when you where / or still an undergraduate.