Search engine optimisation, is the topic on every bloggers mind, in fact, one reason you have the hope to rank for a better keyword on the search engine is because you practise seo rules.

I am Very sure that the so called Seo gurus ( seo audits) must be hiding these seo secrets from you, and must be feeding you with the normal, I mean the normal seo stories you want to hear.

You don’t need to practice the Seo Black Hat to gain front page on search engine, but you could follow a couple of method in joining a Competitive seo Niche

To cut the whole long story short here are the 3 Seo lies you have heard.

The 5 Seo Lies you Have Heard
Post an article Every day to gain traffic
This is infact old school, cause its simply dependent on your kind of niche, personally I write once or twice each week.
personally, I prefer to write and publish few article within the week, so as to let my subscribers and readers, benefit, from the time, effort and devotion I used In creating that article.

Thus this ideals is simply a fallacy,
Blogs like and Niel potel, post only 2-3 article in a week, and yet gets over 3thousand plus social shares on a single post, and readily ranks high on a sinlge keyword.

But here’s is out it works,like I said its dependant on your niche, if I run a music blog or an entertainment blog, I need to always update it, as to keep my readers updated, the moment I stop, I stop getting the imediate readers – that’s the users from social media or friends share, which are returing users and always visit your blog beacuse of your lovly post.

But here is one fact that remains unchanged.

Unrelated seo internal factors are variable.

That is, the seo Off page optimisation, is probably to change due to the fact that interest and rank factors changes.

Thus posting every day doesn’t increase your traffic from search engine, but research shows that, it makes search engine index your content more often than the usual, and thus makes search engine index irrelevancy from your content.

It is noticed that your search and index rate would grow drastically on search egine, if you post often , once or twice per day, but watch out !!! For it won’t last forever.

Build links and Gain traffic

Infact this is just off it, the reason why a blog with little null or few back links would readily gain high traffic from search engine, is because of bloggers are probably missing out quality for quanity.

So many links aint worth having, I recomend you use the 10 Links Building techniques that really works to build an effective seo recommended back link.

Share on social media and Google would give you traffic

Its a Lie!! , the only traffic you get from contant sharing of post and article to social media is the traffic from social media.

The only social media recomened is google Plus, infact its the only optinal social media in this case.

So many spam social media , so many build irrelvant social presence, and thus constant sharing of post on social media doesn’t increase your social engine prencese.

Little wonder facebook and twitter, hardly allow google index some of there post, cause its filled of irrelevance from social media spammer.