A Niche is a particular Topic Category, which Bloggers and Internet marketers dive in , with intention of marketing that Niche, a Niche simply put is just a specific website Topic, which all who owns it , had intention of selling a specific product, either as a self Marketer or as an Affiliate Marketer.


A Niche site is further regarded as a 20 page website, However although its regarded as a 20 page website dose not literally mean its a 20 specific page created website, it varies in number .

A Niche Site is Related in every aspect as a squeeze page, which is use to generate leads and Clicks to a particular Affiliate market, so also is a Niche website.

Advance CMS like wordpress, joomla etc, are perfect tool one could use in creating a Niche Website, with simple to use and customized wordpress e-commerce theme.

To an Extent its not just about creating a 20 page Website, build links and abandon it to generate income, you need Gain More insight about Affiliate Marketing in General, “Probably to buy Niches” ( Niche with high probability of a product been bought ) , and also considering other factors like Quality, and degradation factors.

One reason I recommend a Niche Website, is because its a perfect way to generate Cash, and the surest way to Loose Cash, time and anything you think of, if you don’t Watch and study the market.

Usually a Niche Website are created and Left over time for search engine to give in probably to buy “petty traffic”.

when I started a Niche Site years ago, I started with having only 26 facebook likes on my facebook page with no definite interest on social media but keen interest on how presentable and able to access my content are, and till date , things haven’t changed , a Niche Site doesn’t require millions of Facebook likes, cause you not a store /seller but a marketer, people who create fanpages on Niche websites creates It for mere popularity (e.g online stores).

They are Two Types of Niche Website , the Short Termed Niche website / and The Long term Niche Website, a short term niche blog could end within a year or two, you always on the grid writing, fetching productive content to market, but a long term Niche Blog is like it would last for ever,

Example of a Niche website I could speak of is PickMyshaver, which has been online for over 3 years Plus.

Don’t get me wrong a Niche Site is not just about marketing, but could be in form of a particular Website / Blog centralized on one Keen topic, say Movies or TV show , soap operas and Documentaries, wordpress theme etc. which authentic quality changes with time.

That’s by the ways , back to business to ease things up here are few handy Tips you Need to Know about creating a Niche website.

1. Create a Probably to Sell Niche

Not all Niche would sell, not all Niche are worth Entering into, and that’s one reason I recommend you do a thorough keyword research, so you don’t jump into a competitive Keyword Niche or a lame website Niche.

Here are Niche I recommend you could go for with high probability of productivity.

Laptops and PC
General Home utensils
Shavers etc.

Guard against highly competitive Niche like Mobile Phone , Car Quotes ( buy cars) , weight lose tips / medicine and others which are very competitive with high amount for purchasing goods.

For instance for a person to buy a Smartphone online, he/she needs 100% assurance that his Money is 100% safe online, no credit scams, or cyber fraud. And only a fully concentrated company can have that quality, you not a company, neither can you sell what you can’t assure, even if you have them on outright, you need build fame and trust, and only through the social Media can you do so.

Another is a single Brand New car cost close to $10,000 and no one would bid up to that in buying a thing online, little should I talk of a car, else you are the manufacture it self.

In alternative , I recommend you use a Link lead affiliate to monetize your Niche website , cause trusted affiliate sites like amazon, ebay, Dealday and Konga Africa are Top trusted site which people readily buy things online.

2. Just Market

I don’t recommend you be a seller on a Niche website, if you truly want to build a site you sell stuffs and personal product I recommend you create a squeeze page instead of a Niche website, one reason I recommend a squeeze page for sellers is because you get more devoted and self-opt-in subscribers and could always make more leads and sales from personal product any time you like.

If you try practicing selling on a Niche website its just gonna turn your blog into an e-commerce blog.

A difference between a Niche Site and a Squeeze page is that a Squeeze page is like a static page, its not regularly updated, although modern designs of squeeze pages now has a blog connected to it, but naturally a squeeze page is just like a static page Website (HTML) with most works done by Photoshop (PSD file), with loads of attractive and fancy text and image with main aim of generating a lead, a sale or to get a subscriber to a particular program/service, you hardly get into a squeeze page without subscribing for there news later, because its always surrounded with fancy subscriber box.

3. Design Matters A lot

Designs really matters a lot, i wont go over topics like how to choose a Premium WordPress theme cause had already treated that at this article , in that article i covered the problem of choosing a “matching to niche WordPress theme” , and how it affects your blog in general.

Now here is the big deal, i don’t recommended you use a Css3 or a HTML 5 powered WordPress theme for it is to an extent irrelevant, well my take on this issue is that Css3 and HTML 5 loads heavy file with some times heavy images and data on your site which would thus consume your Bandwidth limit and then make your website load slow.

sites like Pickmyshaver mentioned earlier in this article are so ugly, with no iota of fancy , and yet are regulating a 6 fat income per month.

Thus i recommend you use a two or one simple side bar WordPress theme.

4. Chose your Affiliate Market wisely

Now here is the biggest of it all you need to know, chose your Affiliate Market wisely.

No one can tell you the kind of affiliate market to use , but you can determine by measuring user behavior analytic , if some users on your blog are returning visitors, and 50% are unique visitors, you don’t need to be scared about using an affiliate market like Amazon which is widely recommend and regarded as the best.

Unlike other affiliate market amazon stores cookies for only 2 days on a computer,not all user buys a product on a single click, some save as bookmark or save the entire page which they get to by the aid of your affiliate link /lead while they strive to safe for the money in buying the product, you could go for other Affiliate market like ebay or Konga that leaves its Cookies for over 31 days on a PC.

Well Howdy That’s How far I can Cover on everything you need to know about starting a Niche Website, stay connected , by the comment box below , till then Happy Marketing.


  1. Hi Neon Emmanuel,
    As you have mentioned here, niche websites are not going to be that popular like other website. But, niche website will surely have a lot of income. I had a short term niche website three years back which generated decent income. I think generating an income is all about right marketing strategy. Marketing plays a key role in making money online. Thanks for this great post 🙂

    • A Niche is like ur central point of discusion on your blog, like I said they are two type, single and mutiple, most website of today, runs on mutiple niche,

      A single niche is like a specific niche, but in a lesser keyword search per month.

      Let’s say you open a blog to write only about “samsung Smartphone” that’s a single specifi niche blog , some times strictly a 20 page website, with main aim of selling on that niche .

      Hope I now paint a clearer picture