There is no more environmentally friendly means of transport than a bike. There is no more useful means of transport than a bike. A two-wheel vehicle appeared in Europe in the XIX century, and till the beginning of new millennium, over 1 billion of bikes were produced worldwide. This number is twice bigger than the amount of produced cars.


Types of bicycles

It is complicated (if not impossible!) to remember all kinds of bikes available on the market in present days. This is good news, for everyone who wants to pick something appropriate and join the ranks of cyclists. Let’s try to remember at least what bicycles are the most common.

Road bikes were designed for fast rides on a smooth pavement. That’s why they are lighter than other bikes and have skinny tires. This bike is more suitable for those, who consider rides to be sports or trainings. As a rule, they cannot carry heavy loads and are unstable on unpaved trails.


Mountain bikes, on the contrary, are what you need for severe conditions and off-road trails. They are equipped with shock absorbers, are heavier, stable and steady-going.

Hybrid bikes are sometimes called cross bikes. This is an attempt to combine two mentioned above types of bikes. Specifications taken from road bikes provide comfort, and what’s taken from road bikes ensures stability. Thus, we get a vehicle convenient to ride and ideal for both paved and unpaved trails, except rough road-off mountain trails.


Cruiser bike is a perfect option for casual riding and walks. Comfortable position and seat, wide balloon tires and three-speed capability is available in wide array of colorful variations – comfort bikes, city bikes, folding bikes, tandem bikes, and so on.


Adult tricycles are not a joke. It is the solution for those, who have some balance issues or specific needs. Everyone wants to take a ride from time to time!

And there are freight bicycles designed specially for transporting different luggage and heavy loads.

Buying a bicycle

Buying a bicycle

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