Social Media Strategy ?Social-Media-Marketing-Strategy

whats this? a new way to get me pay money for ads on top social media so I they get to promote my articles, gosh it sucks – count me out.

These and many more expression so many affiliate marketers use when they here the word “social media Marketing”

Save your critics, and lets just act like you havent heard of the acronym social media strategy , while i take you through a short trip on using the social media as a marketer.

firstly, i would like to correct any impression that social media such as facebook and twitter are rather worthless ways and places to place your money on investment.

Well The social media marketing as expressed by the title is a “strategy” and a “strategy” isnt just a day job, So many fall preys of losing there money to the so called “social media money suckers” just become they don’t really know what social Media Marketing is all about, but here is a quick trip on how i maximally use social media as an helpful tool to get maximum profit and benefit as an affiliate marketer.

Killer Social Media Marketing Strategy – That Really works

Just before i start i would like to lay emphasis that the type of social media marketing strategy that works out for you, depends on the kind of social media you use, for instance, your blog is a fashion and design Blog, i expect you to use pinterest in marketing your content, if you are on a E-shop operation or tech Blog, i employ you to use Facebook as a means of content marketing strategy, if you are on entertainment Blog, i employ you to use twitter as a means of Social media marketing.

but today we are focusing on facebook as a means of social media marketing strategy.

Facebook Social Media Marketing Strategy.

Usually lots of complains come, from Bloggers who try to squeeze there pocket just to increase there page likes, and it turns up not working as planned, some times you see issues with 44 new likes for $4 but today i shall share a quick aid overview to help you achieve maximum profit at minimum cots.

Just before I proceed let me ad this, the number of likes you gain on an ad promotion depends on the kind of post you boost, and it depends greatly on your locality, for instance , Nigeria hardly goto the movies, or cinema, and here you are boosting a page talking about cinema movies – you are certainly way of it.

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facebook ads system displays post based on promotion and based on group shares/page share, post based on promotion are based on interest frequently used sites and apps, while based on groups and shares are displayed to people around you.

post based on shares reaches only but 1% of total users on that page according to facebook algorithm depending on interest of the person. according to interest written on the user profile, thus if i have a page having 10,000 people, i would have an assured page reach of 1 thousand, which could exceed if users like increase, it could get to bee seen by friends of friends and mutual friends would be E-Mailed, which could cause an increase on the supposed page views,

having this in mind there are two types of Facebook boost or rather social media marketing strategy, one that really works and the other that just works, what ever one you use depends solely on how deep your pocket really is.

I would try my possible best to give a fair and comprehensible explanation and tutorial of how i personally use social media as an exploit to make more money online.

First Method.

Facebook Post Boost

boost post

its always common that just after every post you make on your Fan page you would find the boost post button by the side.

this method is the highly recommended social media marketing strategy to use,so as to attain minimum input at maximum profit, what i do is.

1. Write an Article Based on Affiliate link Marketing

    After writing the article straight on my Blog, i make sure i do a perfect keyword research , i chose a short killer title and i write a perfect article startup and end up, with a neat affiliate links, causing reader to buy a particular product on a particular online shop.

2.Boost Post.

    Next thing I do is boost the post, during this stage i make my planing well to make my spending wise. i would boost the post with a promise of say 1,200 views , some times it turns up like this, and some times it doesn’t.

3. I plan my marketing strategy

    At this stage i wouldn’t want to spend unwisely, i am running a Blog based on tech and marketing a specific product say Smartphone, after clicking on the boost post button a set up would appear – here is where proper planing takes place.

boost pgae views
The First Column

    1. The First column talks about locality and people to reach, i make sure i reach out to people where the need is greater, but often times i found out that most ads ran including united state as a reach place, gets rather little few or null turn up – reasons untold.

The Second Column

      3. Next could i choose people who i probably want to see the product , lets assume its a product “A” with a frequent use for “Men” say Shaving Machine or a Smartphone phone. i would make sure i set it based on common interest by selecting male as a means of reach. lest i forget

age grade

      , age grade it yet another effective check up you need to check while set up your post boost, after all 2$ is worth planing for.

when choosing age grade, make sure you choose an independent age grade type and little of dependent, example 10-15 depends on there parents for stuffs like Smartphone and gadgets, so picking a more older age does it all. example 15 – 38 those whom you think can really afford buying a phone or paying a bill via online transaction.

The Third Column

    3. The Next column is based on interest, and it tells whom a particular post would reach, based on interest.

The Forth Column

    4. The Next column is my planned budget which i usually use just $2 for a start, budgeting one dollar per day, I would stake my $1 the first day, and I would monitor the rate of post engagement , to know if I would stake my $1 the next day.

5. Next i would promote the post.

From my latest promotion here is what i got.

social meida marketing strategy

Usually while using this method am never interested about the total views and the total reach or likes, usually am interested about the total clicks, happy enough as seen on the picture i have close to 118 clicks with a total adds views of  1,987, happy for me 10 users clicked and buy, leaving me to 3% commission on every sales through my Blog,

close to 2 thousand Naira (Nigeria currency) , 2,000 x 10 = 20,000
20,000 for just $2 come on its really worth it.

well i must confess, some times things don’t turn up good and not bothered and sometimes it does, some time sales are period are extended till the next week, remember not every one clicks to buy, consider one who clicks the buy link and checked the price, book marked it or better still shutdown the browser, lucky you, its affiliate marketing remember !! – cookies are open till 90 days.

so i end up with few page likes, few page recognition and more sales.

The Next of my method is the

Page Likes Method

this method is often not used,  and not recommended, since in promotion of page, you end up with only 1% total page shares, but here is a way to make use of this method the proper way, but mind you, you would spend a lot.

i admonish you to use the same method of setup at the first example, based on age, sex according to what your page is all about, and interest, also i urge you to run an add based on a long range duration,

run an add with $2 daily budget for 10 days, not just for a days, this way you would give Facebook a chance to pick up the best likes for you, for those who are really worth liking your page, but when you do it in a rush , you end up only with few and irrelevant likes.

That’s all i have to share today, stick close for more update by the ways here’s a food of taught for you just before you leave my article 🙂

A Famous man once said, ” Hav’ Got the Internet , tell me why should i go hungry, while, i hav got the social medias.”  – Think Big.