Ey 😡 so you think you know every thing about social media Marketing.

You Think kicking into social media marketing is no big deal, and that you have read books – yes Books 1 too many to tell you all you need to know about social media marketing.

But do you know that social media is the best place to trow large resources into and is the nice place to loose 90% of them all.

I beg you to Quote me wrong in any where and I would appear from no where to defend my self.

Criticize me , but I have made all search on social media marketing and here hav’ got 23 facts and new idealogoy you really don’t know about social media marketing.

23 things you Really Don’t Know about social media marketing

1Monitoring is all that matters

Its easy to set an ads up and running on any social media you really want, but you could make regressive Loose if you don’t monitor your sites progress.

Facebook has a new system called the Ads relevancy, one could make easy speculations on how relevant an ads is while its running.

One reasons for this is certainly because you really don’t know how things would turn up.

Perhaps your title sucks, or your image is so poor , checking to monitor your progress really matters, cause you could end up losing all your finance on irrelevant ads.

2You Loose more if you don’t have a target

Let’s assume you run an ads on facebook, if you don’t pick any target its gonna target over the 10millions active users of facebook.

If its a “fan-page like” no doubt you have just successfully gathered a bundle of inactive and uninterested fanpage likes.

But narrowing your target helps you target specific persons.

Remember you could add interest on your social profiles. What social media does is pick up your interest and they serve ads based on user interest.

And that way they get to get in touch with 50% legitmate buyers since they share same interest with the targeted ads.

But if your target is wide, you could run out of capital before it reaches the legtimate viewer.

3Social Media is one Place your articles and products need to be.

Your blog would be a bag of trash lied across the street with no one to pay attention to , if you don’t get to publish your article to social media.

Powerful and effective capacity of social media like facebook, and twitter should not be underrated due to some facts.

Perhaps you ran an ads on facebook and it didn’t give high returns so you felt facebook isn’t it.

But facts remains there is more than a million traffic waiting up in facebook.

4All you need is 100legit followers

Do you think its unnatural that you have got 50k fans and have got only 150likes and 20 shares, you have got 20k followers and yet 9 twitter shares.

Don’t you think certain perspective changes.

And don’t you think all you need is just the legit followers.

Breaking it down.

A legit follower is a big time follower and reader of your content, your blog and post as a whole

Its pretty simple for me to click the favorite button on my twitter page and yet I didn’t bother to read it , perhaps I wanna draw a friendly impression to the fanpage owner to get noticed for a follow back.

Thus all you need is Hundred 100Legit followers than 5thousand followers with no reward nor outcome.

5Social Media Marketing inst really free

Unlike search engine given traffic, social media oriented traffic inst really free, you pay as per what you get, and what you want.

6Social media and Social bookmarking sites are two different things entirely.

Hope you had never made a misconception here ?

Social media & Social Bookmarking sites
Social media – Facebook , twitter
Social Bookmarking sites – Reddit, Turmlr (partially a free blog platform)

Social media is just like a living community where people are keen interactive
Social bookmarking sites is a list of site bookmarks and links online, sometimes keenly on related and relevant links from top blogs.

71 Dollar Could become 2 dollar via Social media.

Yes, Social media marketing is a very simple way to increase your revenue, and as a full time affiliate marketer, I get money when I need money via placing money on social media and getting it back in turn.

8All you need Is the right social media marketing plan.

Had once written an article about social media marketing plan, which I think you could read by (clicking Here)

There I analyzed how magical you could increase your facebook revenue with boosting post and boosting pages.

I analyzed everything in details and listed my success after applying the strategy.

Yes because I picked the right social media marketing plan to optimize my spending, so I presumably don’t spend time on irrelevance.

9Knowing the right social media for your market is what really matters.

So all you do is strictly about weight loss tips or perhaps drugs? And you felt Pinterest is a Good Social media for you.

Sporting the right social media for your business is what that really matters.

So you don’t wasting time building social media presence on social media you won’t really grow at.

10Hash tagging Social shares is the latest social media trends.

I guess you really don’t know that tips . well i forgive you for not reading this article on time, and here is a short tutorial on how I increased my twitter followers and google plus fan page users with hash tags.

Or Better still read this article to see how I increased my tumblr followers and scooped out legitmate followers on my socila media profiles.

11You need the social media trends.

Yes , what’s Trending what suffix and prefix makes people click ?

If your Social media topic is dumb (plain and unattractive , no one would click on it ).

Here I made an article of top 10 social media trends every one loves – And how you could use it.

12Employing a social media marketing expert is the right ideal

Trust me , if you don’t know how to drive a car, hire an expert to drive the car, and relax at the success of the journey.

Or take the risk, bash the car, and pay the expert to repair it for you.

Lol 🙂 just a perfect illustration !

If you really don’t know how the social media marketing stuff works .
Its simple hire an expert who jobs is simply to optimize your social media presence, or you could spend 5 times the money could could spend once to do a trial and error test.

don’t you think you should ease your self off some works ? just you and you alone doing the writing, the sharing the article creation plus other individual daily jobs you do, bro its high-time you hire a pro.

13Social shares matters a lot

believe me you don’t know where a single social share could get you to, maybe to a single retuning reader who would never leave your blog and its content.

thus continuous social shares really matters.

Yes i said social shares , but what kind o social share ?

the moderate and decently shared social shares, not the irrelevant spam type social share  you use alpsalink or hootsuite for – i mean the regular social shares you share on your page and blog only.

14Every Business needs a social media presence

you could be like a shy boy who is just scared to look an elderly person in the face if you really don’t bring your business into the social market, its what digital marketing is all about, and its juts what the big and small business are doing.

16. Social media does the rest for you.

can you add 500 friends in one minute and send them specific message to visit an ads on your site ? bla ! you cant right :-), but seriously social media could do things really simple for you in just a single click, you really wont know its significance until its shown.

even if you don’t get any out-put at first , its no big deal that’s just one of the social media minors, but really i didn’t click your ads doesn’t mean i didn’t take notice of your ads.

seriously ! promoting your brands and business on social media promotes your business brand and creates awareness for your business.

15You can’t be a pro in all social platform

maybe you should know the first startes and first sucessor did the “try for a lucky”  but one thing for sure is certain, you really cant be a champion on all social media, but one thing to try out is explore various social media and see what ways you could make a difference.

16Social media is a place to get potential audience / buyers

give me one reason online mall still make sales online up-till this very minute ? because E-commerce has emerged completely into digital marketing, and that the social entangled people, and not just merely attracted to buying and selling online alone  but because they could do it from the comfort of there home via any device.

it thus mean that the social media exposes you to 60% more buyers than the usual word to mouth.

1750% of top Blog increase There CTR through social media.

@nanacybadilo repeatedly incerase her click trhough rate by 50% by persistent social shares on social media, like facebook and especially twitter.

had noticed nanacy and what i feel she does is share a post multiple times with a different heading, different heading works in a different ways , even when it sound award.

18You remain unstable social media wise without a social media marketing plan

every business needs a marketing plan, and that’s one reason you need the engineers and the accountants to keep the business in a stable financial stat, thus every blog/website needs a social media marketing plan, which you could access from this link (Link Here).

19Increasing viewership is better than increase fans count

had gone through this on one of my old article  but seriously !! Boosting a post on facebook makes you have more views and exposure than promoting a page.

cause – not every who likes your page likes your blog, not every who likes your blog receives your blog update, thus increasing viewership affects you personally but increase page likes makes you feel like an authority and nothing more.

2093% of marketers use Facebook

just a bonus tips from me to you – 93 percent of every one who wants to sell a product use Facebook perhaps because of the features it has.

un-like other social media, facebook could really do a whole lot of things other social media cant like, adding of big images to ads, pausing ads, motoring ads and determine the success of ads ran.

2199% of bloggers are convenient with twitter.

Although facebook is good but its expensive and thus Young entrepreneur would rather wait for the hopeful traffic given by search engine from there seo rewards than to throw few box into the social media market.

thus almost every blogger i see today is strictly convenient with twitter and the little amount of traffic they receive from twitter.

22Add yours

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