socual media marketing plan

With the right social media marketing plan , you don’t need any social media marketing expert, to streamline your social media activity , i created this social media marketing plan that allows you focus on social media important to your network.

My very reason of creating this plan is to give you an beginners an helpful hand to concentrate, on what really maters, using the right social media  at the right time rather than registering on a million social media without dominating any.

Social Media Marketing Plan for Beginners

Social sharing

Plan 1

  • Create a Blog (Bloggers Blog or WordPress blog)
  • Choose a better Email Marketing Software 
  • Choose an Attractive Lead Page
  • Sign up for LinkedIn – – Fill up profiel details
  • Sign up for Facebook – Complete the profile
  • Sign up for Twitter – Complete the sign up form as required
  • set-up your Google plus profile.
  • add other social media your business needs – see Social media Marketing – Knowing the best social media for your network. 

Plan 2

  • Start sharing important content to your blog – Lengthy is important , although no specific science on how long a content length should be,advisably , 400 – 600 words count is enough.
  • Share to your Subscribers via email marketing software  – see list of best email marketing software.
  • Social share post – when sharing don’t forget the trendy social media tag lines every one loves.
  • when making shares i recommend link shortening service – to keep the url short.
  • Once in a week social share post to each social media – keep it simple !! 2 per week on a single social media.
  • consistency matters on twitter, so always stay connected with your followers.

Making it work 

so you bumped into a page on Facebook or Twitter like @problogger @nancy , and saw 2 million fans and likes, come on, it didn’t happen over night – they worked for it , trying all social media marketing strategy they really could think of.

i cant predict your success towards a betters social media marketing usage, because niche varies, ideal varies and my best , could be your hate.

Making it work.

  • Post frequency – Daily Postings (1 hr or less)once in a day
  • Post on your social media once in a day
  • Post because you need to, not because you want to i.e post cause its really worth sharing.
  • too many shares only makes you a spammer – else your intermediate fans loves it.

Executing it

  • Build a marketing project that represents your brand
  • use online tools that delivers your content, right where it suppose to be
  • Always place an eye on the Analytic.

Ads placement

placing ads on social media isn’t a small task to follow, but here alsoi made a list of plan you could use as a helping guide in placing ads on social media.

plan 1

  • Create a tunnel system
  • Create a fanpage , Facebook , Twitter , Linked In or Google Plus
  • Setup page, adding Thumb photo and layer photo
  • Create your ads
  • create ads cause you need to

Create an ads to Promote or to Build

To Promote a product

Place and create ads when you have a product or affiliate link lead page to promote, always set up a lead tunnel system to collect visitors email address, so you always stay in touch with them.

plan 1

when creating an ad to promote a product use :-

  • Bigger Images – PNG format (recommended)
  • just try – not all social media promotions are successful, many could keep you on a lose , but consistently trying could be a Savior, you never know what factor you keep missing – bright image, big text small text ? just try !!!.
  • Don’t shorten the link – but make it short (i.e dont use use

To Build a Page


building a fanpage makes you feel iconic, or perhaps an administrator, surely when you enter into a page with 5Million Likes, you don’t need a suite seer to tell you the owner is iconic.

buying likes or building Page

i cant give a definite science about that, but one thing is for sure, one is long termed and the other is short termed.

on an average it takes 2 years to build a 5,000 legit fan likes on facebook, it takes 5 years to get a 100,000 follow on twitter.

but with 400 dollar i could buy 5,000 legit fan within a month or week, i could buy 1million twitter follows.

what so ever method that suites you, its up to you. but here are some few rules in buying likes or building page.

  • don’t boor your fan
  • fan latest post on facebook feed is now lesser its functionality – it means less pages views.
  • test run campaigns
  • create a budget
  • have a goal
  • use big images

Final Notes – had wrote the above plan , it took me 2 weeks 3 days , to hook up with this plan , all you need to know is put them into practice else it makes no difference like you never read it.

one thing you should no about social media marketing is that, its bored some times, ou get less shares, less page views. but surely its just for the mail time.

consistency and faith is the key to success.