The Marketing term “Social Media Marketing” is no new word for many internet marketers out there, and its just yet another pack of knowledge all webmasters needs to acumulate, to help his, blog or business, grow bigger in the social Network. taking a quick over view.

The internet has gone viral , The potential buyers are at the social network, all you need do is advertise , advertise , advertise, yes!! advertise only on related and useful Social Media, which in turn, would return more yield to you.

In Social Marketing the issues with most newbie, who just get into social media marketing is not Knowing the best social Media For your Niche, infact its just like a sailor without a compass.

You need to know the right Social media, your business would probably survive in and thus trust more money to see more buyers, sales and more visitors.

Knowing your social media strength weakness and survive would help you a lot, for instance a fashion design Blog, won’t make a reputation at twitter, because twitter is made of less image.

But talking about sites like instagram, Pinterest and many other sites.
The issue had never been the things to share but, where to share it.
To my possible best, I would try would to write us the list of Blogs and the social media they belong and could survive in.

Niche Social Media
Tech Facebook – Twitter
Weight Loss Twitter (Only)
Blogging and tutorial Linked in , Stumble upon, Facebook , Twitter (only)
Photography Instagram, pinterest
Designs & fashion Google plus , stumble upon, facebook
Music Facebook (only)
Gaming Linked In, facebook


Considering Further effect, Konga Nigeria has over a million fans like on facebook, with less dan a 100k follows on twitter, possibly because twitter is not just the right place for them, they are no where to be found on instagram, and that’s what studying your social network means, predicting your faith in the social world.

Not putting words or ideals in your hands I urge you personally to run a check on the above list, to check if you are probably using the wrong Social Media for the right niche.

Personally I prefer twitter to facebook on Blogging niche, cause you could probably get more views, retweets,and favourites which could increase you site reputation/ traffic beyond what you can imagine.

Sincerly , what is a Fashion Blog and design doing in twitter ?, knowing that twitter funtionality, does not allow easy access of pictures, infact even on Low ends blackberry smartphone, image view is disable, thus you are lossing The tech user for the PC users, therefore wasting more money, than you can get.

Happy Marketing 🙂 don’t forget to say thanks 🙂