Social Media are good ways to improve one social presence business wise or individual wise thus the only way webmaster could achieve this is through social media marketing strategy.

Social Media Is no spamming Place and unlike social Bookmarking Sites Social Media are interactive and time taken to produce a single link to your blog.

Sites Like Twitter and Pintrest hardly offer up link from there blog, it happens in rear cases.
A single link from social Media is far better , cherished and preferred than a Thousand Link from a Million sites.

In other to make this Discussion interactive I have prepared a List of 10 things you probably don’t know about social Media.

1. Social Media are Best place to get Links and Traffic

Like I mentioned earlier social media are best ways to get links and traffic directly or indirectly, for instance you could build a Facebook group and get friends and families who in turn get friends and family to that group, and then they invite others to your group, sharing to that group gives you close traffic within your reach, and them likes and re-shares gives you traffic outside the box.
Indirectly could be externally built social media factors.
For instance , it was noticed that site built with much social media shares, fans , likes , follows and Retweet wins the most in search engine ranks, thus the higher your social presence, the higher your rankings, the higher your search position and the better your traffic gets.

2. A Single Link from social Media is better than a Thousand from other sites

The link social media offers are tremendously beneficial to webmaster, cause the main concept is , the more a user like or comments on your post shared by your social page, the more the related backlinks is been sent to your profile, the more the “total sites links to” increases from a particular social media , little wonder when you check your Google webmaster Tool, you would see “Total Site Links to” and find out some sites gave you more than one link.

3. Social media are no place to spam

If you not a fan of hard work, this social media marketing isn’t for yoy, cause it takes time and consistency, to get a single link from facebook or yahoo answer, infact only just a few people has links from facebook.

The Only way to benefit from the lots social media has to offer is cocnsistent usage of social media as a member not as a marketer.
4. Social Media are just like social Book marking sites

Social media looks pretty more like social bookmarking sites, almost every one loves social bookmarking site like reddit and stumble upon.

5. Attractive Images on social Media Draws Traffic and Attention
If you own a social page , or a fanpage on facebook pintrest or any where, there is just one outstanding thing you need to do, use Big and attractive images, I discovered 29% more of my fanpage saw my shared post, and 30% of my plus (+ One’s) increase on Google Plus, I also noticed extremely broad images with wide width like 1024 would occupy a wider space on google plus post time line.

6. Consistency Is the Key to a better Social Media marketing
Social Media marketing requires consistency, you need to always write, always post, always update your page or group, one reason a group or page has higher fans and member than others in the same category is consistency.

Its never an easy task publishing to social media every day, thank’s to facebook, you can now schedule post.

7. Pinterest is The Best Preferred Google Image

If you know about pintrest, then you would surely agree that it is the front page of images, “Every one Loves pinterest” and research shows that – 80% of image related searches done by search engine users looking for a particular ideal style or design ends up in pinterest.

8. Tumblr has more traffic than you think.

Yea, if you don’t have a tumblr blog to your normal blog, you are missing “2 important free things” , which are free traffic, and free page accumulative links to”.

Now here is how it works, tumblr has a Like, reshare and hide feature, now if I like a photo , a post, a video or a music shared by some one on tumblr, it would have a text link, *username* – Likes this post, now that’s a link back to my profile, and my profile linking to my tumblr blog, and my tumblr blog has a link to my main blog.

That’s not all its a Cool way to get free traffic, every one following you would see your post, your content is opened to every one who searches on the has tag you made on that post.

9. Post as a Fan , and a Not like a Marketer

One mistake so many make on there fanpages, is trying to sell stuffs on there facepage, with the inscription , “click to buy” ,” buy now ” trust me, no one would buy, cause they ain’t just sure how genuine you are, placing a direct affiliated link or sales /leads link on the social media is a bad social media etiquette.
However, you could redirect them to your own blog and make them click the buy link themselves.

10. Don’t Ever Buy Fans

Build Them One thing, you strongly should avoid in social media marketing is buying fans, its really wrong.
They are much “twitter buy fans” sites today than ever, where you have to pay a little fee and buy fans to your blog,
one issue with this tool is that, if its not the fans who followed naturally , its never the fans, no matter how promising the tool tell you it works, you can’t get 100% complete follow from a tool generated follower little wonder you get much unfollows afterwards, cause what you post is simply a spam on there profile.

Now its simply easy, I prefer you like for like, follow for follow, to build fans or followers, you don’t need 5 thousand likes or follows to get 500 retweet or shares, all you need is interested fans and followers, who share the same interest as that of your page.
One easy way I make a work around on this is by following people and not pages, by following those with little fans and mentioning those with higher fans, by tagging all shares and post, by sharing images, consistency, and breaking the social sharing habits, like instead of posting text all day and always, you could post images or once in a week share videos.

Here is an article I had once written on how I got 2k followers from twitter

In conclusion
The above ideal and recommendation won’t work, the only way to make the ideal I recommend work is by putting it into constant usage, worked me.