Last time we talked about siteground reviews, coupon codes(discount codes), as well as siteground hosting (wordpress hosting and there cheap hosting plan, we in-fact gave a link to siteground hosting where you could join the crowd and get your dream website online [click here to view article].

this time we would shed more light on why we really need to start using sitepoint this instance.

for instance checking in on siteground as a host buddy for your blog as a blogger isnt and would by no means be a bad choice cause it would save you some extra box, compared to that of hostgator and Arvixe.

the screen shoot is the price list of Siteground web-hosting service which you could see here [click here to view].


That said an done let me take you through reasons i think you should try using siteground for your web-hosting service. but before i start you need to

  1. Take the First step

the below review i am about to give are not speculations but real facts, but facts they say is liked by another and hated by other, “my likes could be your hates” so my advice to us is to take necessary steps, perhaps if you are thinking of changing your host, what you could do is to first make comparison and contact there help-desk for pre-order inquiry [contact siteground help desk here]  .

2. Make a decision 

I know its hard but no one is going to pay the dollar bills for you so you make a decision your self if you feel you need help in making a decision you could contact siteground via email at or perhaps you could contact me via the comment section below and i would be ready to help.

I Guess you have done that , let me now take you through the plans and pricing of siteground web host service.

Plans and Pricing

Site ground offers amazing hosting service starting from $3.95/month to$14.95/month which is a bit better than the hosting fee of Namecheap and Hostgator put together.

below is a screenshothostingsignup-step1

Basically it offers just 3 plans , which gives you more edge to pick from than that of Qservers and Hosgator with so many plans and pricing – which are:

  • The StartUp plan – for starters , projects and Freshers
  • The GrowBig plan – for probloggers, pro web builders , big tim project and any monre, including the option for multiple websites and the SuperCacher that greatly improves a WordPress and Joomla website speed
  • The GoGeek plan – is perfect for people with e-commerce and larger sites, or more geeky development needs like staging and GIT integration

to my honest review i greatly recommend the Grow big Plan for bloggers aiming high to make an higher impact into the blogging sphere.

while the Gogeek plan is for e-commerce website, large sites , and big company who don’t mind paying an extra box for quality service.

Registration status

One reason i don’t like Namecheap is another reason i so much love siteground with the free domain name offered in the registration set-up unlike Namecheap and Hostgator that offers a separate billing for domain and hosting.

which you could see in the screenshot Below


Hosting and Choice

unlike any other host plan siteground offers 50% discount on any service you pick for the first twelve months plus a free setup for a 12month purchased host period, and whooping $24.95 setup fee for those who want to try the service fr just one month for just $7.95 with an optional payment of $24.95 for setup, although siteground does not offer a month-to-month service like Arvixe , bluehost , hostgatr and Namecheap, but it surely offers a 30days money back guarantee if you not satisfied with there service, although its not bigger than Arvixe’s 70days money back guarantee

Hosting and Choice

Siteground allow you choose your site data storage location and preference. which includes: United States (Illinois), Europe (Amsterdam), Asia-Pacific (Singapore). If you are concerned about data privacy or retention laws Or you can just default to as U.S.

Thus you could get your files hosted just where you need it , which many hosting service don’t offer.

Why site Ground ?

To my personal experience of using siteground hosting service for one of my blogs, i would stake a knife for there service durability, fast and convenient to login and to access Admin Cpanel.

Recently because i switched to siteground host for my other blog i stopped using the wordpress caching plugin, which i explaneed in this article [Why I Stoped Using WordPress Cacheing Plugin]

The average load time for sites hosted on siteground is 4,7 sec, while there loading time with cache is 1,7 sec while without cache is 1,3 sec.

Reseach also tells that siteground could handle close to 230,000 hits in just 2 minutes as per a test conducted with siege utility tool which you can see in the screenshot below.



Good Customer service

Even Harsh agrawal of would testify to the excelent custmer service of siteground

i Quote – 

“If something similar were to happen for you as a SiteGround customer, do not lose heart, as SiteGround’s customer support is excellent. In my case, I pinged SiteGround customer support and informed them of the issue, and they gladly added 20K extra CPU seconds to my account. My sites were up after a few hours of downtime, which is somewhat comforting.” – source

Sites Security is there top priority

Siteground offers SSL certificate, Hot link Protection, Leeching, SpamAssassin and SpamExperts and Cloudflare for maximum security plus a new web tool calledHackalert cost at just $1/month to help you get a regular alert of guys and spywares trying to hack into your site through any means, even on an installed content management system.

Cons of Siteground

I would be a liar if i tell you siteground doesn’t have its own cons, one of which was mentioned by Harsh which was as a result of CPU limit , although it was rectified , but the big issue with siteground is offering small CPU capacity for a well-priced plan.

For instance i was working on a blog named hosted on siteground, and suddenly the blog went off as a result of CPU/Bandwidth limit.

Thus primarily i think the core issue with siteground hosting service is the CPU and Bandwidth limits.

Ways to cub it

  • When Harsh of shoutmeloud got a kind of issue like this, he “pinged there customer help desk” and was answered immediately.
  • when i got an issue like this i “contacted there help desk” and was helped immediately and the site i was working was down for only 2 hours.
  • Basically the issue attached to this is going for a lesser plan and that’s one of the reason i so much enjoy and recommend the GrowBig [Click To View Plan]  if you possibly want to avoid issues like this.
  • Well if you feel you cant afford the grow big plan you could go for a lesser plan like StartUp Plan [Click To View Plan] and use a CloudFlare service on it which is free for all siteground users for better caching and to avoid malware attack which might cause over consumption of Host CPU and Bandwidth.

Making a Move

That Said and done you can check siteground Hosting and plans here [click to view webhosting and plans] and make a wise choice of using a smart web host, or you could [click here] to get a list of host plans for wordpress sites.