SEO been so wide,broad and for the professional ,isn’t just a Day job, and isn’t just something you get easily.

Things changed ,things grow, Things get smarter, and Google Search engine isn’t exceptional to this.

Over the series of years, many have heard about the Site devouring Beast, Google Panda, and over 10 site are been hit by Google panda weekly for disobeying the webmaster guidelines.

Ever since the introduction of Google Panda, so many things have changed, Blogging, isn’t just writing a few worded articles or a 20 page Blog, it goes further into how hard and how much time you are willing to put together so as to archive maximum result.

Just before I start a long detailed story about some really cool SEO Secret no one would tell you.

Let’s take a pause. For a brief education of what panda is.

What is Google Panda.

Google panda, is an upgrade, written by a man named panda, which main aim is to make high rating and quality content, receive the best traffic , there is , and those with little few or null quality content never gets any.

Tanks to Google Panda, simple and righteous writers like I can see a promising rank latter on in the future if we glue by the rules like the back of our hands.

Google is now wiser than you think, and for a certainty, I noticed that its has successfully made the web a better place to go, for example, when safe mode s one no pornograpghic content would be displayed on search result.

I bet many SEO audit would explain all they could but would certainly miss this fact there is about Blogging.

Just before I start telling you the secrets valuable as National Security files,let’s briefly touch , what SEO really is.

Won’t go over a lean man explanation or definition of SEO, but let me give you the first impression that practicing seo is so simple, and should be part and parcel of you.

They are over 100 Search Engine Optimization tutorial and tips, but those board chains can be cracked into smaller chains – just 15, just before i start my secret tag line, let’s briefly consider brief reward Google Panda gives site losing SEO factors, or sites deviating from the Guidelines.

Reward For Does Who Break The Rules.

      Instant ban
      instant Decrees of traffic
              Decrease of page authority.

No matter How hard you try, no matter what you say, and what you do, the web is owned and controlled by search engine, and thus it definitely means they have legitimate control over the internet.

Experience they say is the best teacher – keep praying you don’t experience the ban from search engine.

Imagine you have been Blogging for some years and have been making a regular pay form it, then all of a sudden, your Blog, suddenly stop giving you traffic and you stop selling or getting money, just for you to receive a letter to your mailbox, regarding your suspension or removal from search engine.

Facts still remains – its either the first page or no other, and that should be your determination, you should get over millions of clicks, its preferable to be at the front page in few keywords, than been at the second page on all keyword.

That said and done, let’s take a good look of how blogs disobeying the webmaster guidelines are noticed and treated.

They are 2 types of SEO practice.

      white hat

seo back hat

the seo white hat seems promising , but could is regarded as a long term goal, while the seo black heart is fast,but for a short period of time.

Those who practice Seo Black hat, no doubt receives traffic, from search engine within a short duration, but won’t last for ever.

You get into the scene if your Blog, suddenly gets traffic and clicks from search engine, and you get out of the spot light if you don’t practice the seo white hat – just a simple phenomenon.

All read about that, here is the big thing, the seo secrets most so called “Seo gurus” won’t tell you.

Just before I share it, here is a secret code to get along.
Share, keep sharing, build, and be patient.

Here is how it roll.

Behind every success story, there is always a price paid, being every big Bloggers you see today, they paid the price.

So many people thinking Blogging is for free, but writing the sincere fact no thing about it is free, in one way or the other you spend, either time, capital or resource.

Sadly most seo audits keep the truth in a seal, and preach what you know, what you already know , just in another words.

The secret is that, they paid the price.

Shocked ?

They all did , money wise, resource wise, and time wise.

Blogging goes phenomenal, if you spend time, resources and capital in doing what you know best, the right way there is always a reward. Remember ” what ever worth doing, is worth doing while”.

For instance, a store like ebay,amazon, or konga Nigeria, dominated as the best store to buy things on net because of how much they paid.

Imagine having over 5million followers and counting just on Facebook, and 1.2 million and counting just on twitter, and 1million followers on instagram and counting, they pay more than enough.

But you just starting, I don’t have that much to spend.

Here is the plain truth, those who think they are saving a lot using the so called “free stuff” save lesser.

Using a free theme?, a free blog, a free host, a free domain, a free CDN, a free mail service?

Come on wise up !!, those who created it needs money like you, they could find a way to avoid paying money if they have the chance like you,in all it has its disadvantages – Myriads of them.

For instance, its common that a free WordPress theme has link of the theme url, liking to the author site, consider if those links are tagged spam links, then you have just successfully endanger you Blog.

What are the paid service , by the ways what one should I use?

Here are Paid service I would advice you consider using.

– an Automated Pinging Tool (Pingler)
– a Paid keyword Hittail
– a Paid Theme
– a Paid Plugin if you need a special feature [e.g WordPress Login/Register Plugin]

The Next Secret I shall share goes with the code.

Relationship, friendship, and Friend share.

Build a Strong relationship, with people, who do same thing a you do, and make the best and closest friendship wit them, when you build a strong relationship, with people who shares the same view as yours, then you would build a rather closer friendship with them, and the friendship would make them share your site and views with others.

There is nothing like friends share, one good thing about this ideal is when friends invite each other they become unique and returning visitors.

Remember a single many, no matter how wealthy, how strong, how brave , intelligent and powerful he is, he can’t simply build a house by him self.

Another secret is build,keep building but never pay to build.

Build What?
Build Backlinks, its recommended by SEO nearly in every site there is keep building, to any site, and Blog, and places you feel are related to yours and have a better ranking, keep building your link there, but it goes with a caution, so many search engine hate sites who practice paid listing.

They are so many ways to get Backlinks , some of which includes [Getting Backlinks From Relevant Content].

Its Never about you, its never about seo, its about the people, the readers.

Its Never about you but about the people, they are many ways to optimize a site for seo and human, However people tend to use a stylus way to optimize there content for seo.

Some times people would write a title which sounds rather unstructured or misplaced, and yet would rank the most in search engine.

And that’s a Bad practice of seo.

However, there is one funny thing about seo, Blogging, webmaster, web design and the rest, practicing seo, Blogging, or any other creepy things webmaster does, is never a sure assurance of your salvation in Blogging, its just to broaden your hope that hopefully one day you would get a reward for your hard works.

In conclusion

Here are four Extra secret there is they never wanted to share with you.

Blogging is just the survival of the fittest, and so competitive.
its for those who would go extra miles.
For Those Who would Pay for satisfaction.
And for those who can endure.

Hope That was helpful.