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Table of Content

  • What is SEO Black hat
  • The Pros and cons of SEO black hat
  • How to avoid SEO Black Hat
  • 5 often used SEO black Hat Technique/tactics.

What is SEO Black Hat

Basically, there are two types of SEO practice, Namely :- The SEO white hat, and the SEO black hat,
The SEO black hat are the bad SEO practice, they are short termed SEO practice, unlike the SEO white hat, the SEO black hat is simply a contradiction of opposition to SEO guidelines, given by Search engine.

SEO is the key, and ultimate guide to get fame, traffic, sales and clients to your website/Blog beyond what you can imagine, with time.

“Patience is a virtue to success” but only to a few who really believe in entrepreneur, and a simple cliché that says ” what ever worth doing while is worth doing well”

Enough of my rantings, and letting the cats out the bags.

25 SEO Black Hat Techniques

Content Automation:- Content automation is a type of SEO Black hat where by contents was never written by the web admin, but is found to poses almost all content on a particular search term, some times it auto generates content to suite the user search.

Doorway Pages:- Hidden Text or Links
Hidden text or links, are corning ways in which users Hide certain text or group of keyword that blends with the back group of the page, and thus is unseen to use, many deploy this method because a certain aspect on SEO white hat tells about making user see content on your Blog which they saw on search engine.

A way webmaster does this is by, running a search term on Google keyword planner, and placing the whole related keyword at the bottom or top, with text color that blends with the sites own.

Keyword Stuffing:- This is simple the act of packing many keyword on your article or on your content title which sometimes makes the article a cliché.

Reporting a Competitor:- Reporting a competitor is another SEO black hat technique,the google DMCA report helps web admins reports and penalize any competitor of yours who is trying to steal some stuffs from your vine.

Sneaky Redirect:- Sneaky redirect, directs a user unknowingly to another Webpage, but the same content, but different web page, usually because of the similarity in content you hardly don’t get to notice it.

Cloaking:- This is simply the practice of presenting
different content or URLs to human users and search

Link Manipulation:- (Buying links, advertorials, and link
This is purely the act of buying links or clicks from another site to yours, usually merchant who does these stuff gives users links from dead sites or expired domain, which is link from an unknown source or an irrelevant source, some times, these links are sent from expired pornographic or betting domain name having vast effect on your Page authority trust.

Article Spinning:- This is the publishing of article to maintain uniqueness, and to gain high quality links and traffic to your blog, but this ideal is now considered a spam, because most article spun, are automatically spun, and at such disobey the SEO white hat rule.

Link Schemes:- This is simply an ideal of link to me I shall link to you, and in turn, you probably exchange goods and service or money for links, another ideal of this is, link to me, I shall give you link to my directory site, I shall list you on my directory, only if you give me a link from your site.

Link Farms:- These are sites sending out crawler to check for a particular Niche, and gather all related articles and links from various site, some times it turns to duplicated content, some times it harbour bad links which had been penalize.

Link Wheels:- This is the teaming up of several similar website together to create a link wheel back to each other.

Link Networks:- In short terms, link network means , link to me, I would link to you, and I shall give you contents you 50% of my traffic, just as you would, pretty more like url hijacking, and sneaky redirect.

Url Hijacking:- This is in fact the corning of it all, the url hijacking grabs a particular site page or url, duplicate it, and sends out google pings to index faster, they are like normal pages, and behaves normal only for the first 1mintue you send on that site, after which any click you make would lead you to another site, casino, or pornography.

Automated Queries to Google:- Usually google receives sent queries from a particular site, and stores them as an index for that site, some site sends queries irrelevant to there niche and since that’s the most popularly search keyword they get easily indexed.

Content duplication:- This is simple just Creating pages, subdomains, or domains with duplicate content.
Note :- duplicating content is different from redirecting content, e.g facebook redirect there usual to, and its not duplicated. However, it becomes duplicated if original link source (link Canonicalization) is not specified.

Malicious pages:-Pages with malicious behavior, such as phishing, viruses, trojans, and other malware.

3 Reasons you don’t need SEO Black hat

1. Its a short term SEO practice
2. Instant ban when spotted
3. Display of un- professionalism.

What’s the main reason of Seo Black Hat Integration.

Usually, people who indulge in this act are usually those who are not patience enough, or probably they just want to run a short service website program.

An Alternative

There are other better ways to gain good reputation and traffic from your blog, with a long term goal, which in turn is promising, and the only alternative is SEO white hat, the reverse of SEO black hat.