1 , 2 , 3 …. 10 who don’t want to be on Google’s top ten?. Its your dream as such as mine, to rank for a specific search term in Google top ten.

Infact ranking in top ten is your main reason of doing SEO and implementing the so called 201 Google webmaster rules.

Let’s analyse – when last was it you went to google hit a search phrase and hit the next?

Hardly right?

Every one is almost contented with the first page.

But trust me, every one is fighting for the front page, and that’s one reasons every one would pay for the front page.

Well here is a few reasons there is hope for you , a buddy, who’s lunching , and is planning to rank the first page within one year.

There is no ideal ranking, and ranking could change ( although Page Rank, is ideal for a certain amount of time)

The Market Gets more competitive, and just any new blog could rank.

Before now, you could run a search tag on Email Marketing software, and with no doubt, you would see aweber at the first line of the first page.

But sorry things changed come one, run the search tag your self and tell me what you see.

That been said, here are 10 smart ways to dominate Google’s top 10 search result

1. Keyword Research

Doing keyword research keeps you focus, and hopeful.Try run a keyword research on Lenovo smartphone specification, and lenovo smartphone specifications – did you notice the difference ?

Lenovo smartphone specification – 1,500 monthly search
Lenovo smartphone specifcations – 20,000 monthly search
Juts a “s” is what makes a difference.

Certainly you could be loosing 100% of your suppose ranking using the wrong keyword research.

2. Keyword Optimization

The one thing you get forgetting is that,
Your keyword should be in the first line, the url and the title of your article.

Forget about the over keyword population density bull shit, things works in a different perspective, so does this.

The Keyword descriptive tag is 157 words, been natural, you could add , rankable keyword in accordance to your post to get a rank. ( I mean Long tail keyword)

pleaseĀ note :-
I didn’t make reference on short tail keyword like smartphone, mobile phone , cell phone provider !!
Dull !! I said – Long tail keywords.

3. Learn from Google top ten result
Just take a time out, study the real market, how it works.

Maybe before posting an article about smartphone say; samsung Galaxy s4, you make a google search on the keyword – samsung Galaxy s4 .

First result – Image Gallery
Second – a Link to Video
Third – review
Forth – specification
Fifth – related report

Don’t you think its high time to bring something new ?

Say an infographics.
Or perhaps a PDF downloadable file.

I tell you, you only get ranked when you a making a difference, almost every one would go for samsung galaxy s4 specification.

But not for something unusual.

Come on do the search up your self, and tell me if you see , any thing samsung galaxy s4 specification twice on the front page .

4. Search engineĀ optimization.

Make your title short – 60 words is enough
Make your article lengthy 2k – 5k words
Add Images with alt tags,
Keyword in url,Meta description shouldn’t be more than 156 words ( for mobile optimization) 160 for PC.

5. Use Google Plus

Google plus is one bonus way any could rank the front page for every logged in users on google, by simply sharing relevant articles on the social network (google plus).

All you need do is register google plus, make shares and always hash tag relevant keyword to meet up with relevant search tags on google it self.

6. Try other Means

There is no strict science that says its inapplicable to do one thing in a million ways.

So trying others means like, creating a video presentation in place of a written text.

7. Don’t give reference to your Keen competitor

“A servant can’t be more than his master”, so you can’t be more than does you are giving reference to.

Make sure while writing you write if you really need to.

And not because you feel people would love this update on my blog.

8. Spy the google top ten search result

Its simple – you could use the google keyword planner tool, and when asked for search type – choose landing page, insert any of the top ten search result url, to see a list of search tag they are currently ranking for.

9. Get specific url link from blogs in the Top

let’s assume you wanna rank for a search tag like samsung galaxy s4

All you need is a url link from top sites already ranking on that keyword to yours.

One way to do this is by commenting on related blog, but this time when asked for website.

Use a specific website url e.g as a linking channel.

10. Ping your site – for faster index in the top 10

I recommend as a better ping tool. To get your content index easily and very fast.


  1. Very insightful article, though there is nothing new I don’t know about in this article but I like the way you put your list together. Plus the internal back-linking to your site is good for more page-views as well. Good job Neon
    Keep it up.

    • @korex If you meant Domain Age / Domain authority – I would say yes , domain age matters a lot, its some how connected to domain authority which tells how trusthed google can rate you, your domain age is just how long your site is registered on its host.

      Its a good thing to have a Good domain authority, and if you really don’t have which is a perfect contribution by your domain age, you could tap from top sites like DMOZ, Wikipedia , Wiki etc , or by commenting on related blogs .

      Hope that was helpful.

      By the ways – thanks for dropping by
      Neon Emmanuel recently posted…An extensive guideline on creating a website using Dreamweaver CCMy Profile

  2. Another nice article there. I was expecting you mention something about pagerank of a particular domain. Is it a factor that adds to topics appering on google’s homepage?