So you hear about premium WordPress theme and you said you want it good looking ways into your own blogger.  this could be a perfect way to take my blog to the next level with fully responsive designs.

However, just mere seeing and admire of a WordPress theme at first sight is as deadly as love at first site.many fall prey of one of the counting number of people who buy WordPress premium theme without using it.

today i shall try my possible best to share some helpful guide and tips to help you get along choosing a WordPress responsive design

Like mentioned earlier , its unthinkable to judge a premium theme by its appearance, in other not to be judgmental, ask your self these questions.

  • is this premium theme related to my content
  • is it from a trusted buyer
  • why do i need a premium theme?
  • is it so expensive
  • is buying this theme worth it.

funny enough ,many end us buying irrelevant theme they end up not using due to poor judging. when choosing a WordPress theme make sure it is neat, clean and talks many about things on your blog,imagine adding category on your end to see how it fits in perfectly on your blog.

Guide on buying a WordPress premium theme.

1. Blog theme >>> Many category sub pans on the home page, review and schema integration
2. Fashion theme >>> big size image width, with pretty social media icons
3. Tech>>> review based theme with schema and reviews


Now thats just a matter of taking a step, you just taught and had made up your mind, but what if ?

what if ?

1. you end up not liking the theme
2. get an error message after payment
3. theme file broken


that calls for a very few simple but important question.

1. is the seller a trusted client
2. is there a money back guarantee
3. trust flow of the seller.


Making your first step

Make sure you choose theme that are beneficial and have a whole lot of features , so as to be beneficial in setting up other project.
choose theme with small thumbnail size and not extremely big thumbnail size, else you want to run a photography blog.

Paying / Buying
Now you have just made a bold step to pay for quality and to have a taste of quality, but just before you pay for the feature theme you saw admire and concluded to pruchase, make sure you actually really want to buy the theme, and make sure you check the theme seller TOS [terms of service] which is very important, this would help you get infos about the seller, infos like , if your credit card details would be saved, and if you payment is life payment or recurring.