Poof reading  and re-editing 3 reasons itsimportantBlogging without errors ain’t just easy and Writing without mistake is just not an easy task, but to keep up with the professionalism Quality Write style we need do without the mistake, yea !! Fatal mistake such as Grammar error, typographical error are really great mistake, that could change the perspective of an information, well the only medicine to this problem is to proof-read article to make sure its error free.

For a Blogger like I , it takes me almost the same time I use in writing an article to proof read it , cause am the fan of correct a single mistake and save a thousand explanation.

In today’s article I shall Highlight 3 main Importance we Need Proof Read and Re-edit article for better article write style.


# 1. Read Article like The Readers would

Its very important to have the perspective of the reader himself, doing this would give you a key row to re write article the way users would understand and benefit from it


Why is this Important.

So many love the 3rd writer write up style in which the key writer is you, while the readers just have to, that’s by the ways, but one thing for sure is not just poof reading articles for mere mistakes like typo error , but for subsequent illustration errors or grammatical errors.


# 2. Keep up with the reader

I wont understand your article if its filled with mistakes, I wouldn’t take your article serious if it is filled with grammatical errors, I would stop reading your article if you making no point, and that’s one reason to re-edit, it changes just nothing on your search engine presence , the only bone of contention on poof reading and re-editng is re-editing already indexed URL (Links structure already index), it is a bad seo practise.


Why is this important

Most often times, you get Harsh readers reading your article, most of which don’t just have the time to stick up with a blog with un-organised content.

60 percent of readers would close down a page, if they find it un-organised and illegible to reading.


#3 correct a single mistake and save a thousand explanation

Depending on your kind of reader, most readers who are polite would call your attention to the mistake you made, and then you start up with the explanation of “what you meant and what you did not mean”.


Why is this important

If your blog is a co-operate and not a causal blog like mine which I had covered the difference between these two blogs at this article, you should always be on guide with mere errors, like topographic, grammatical and illustration, which are almost common in writing today.



Re-editing is quite different from poof-reading, cause in poof-reading , you do so just before publishing the article, but in re-editing , you schedule a day in a week, to re-read all article if not all, but a considerable amount of article, which you would perform “self criticism”, self criticism in the sense that you take time to find fault in any article you had written, it could be a minor error, it could be a not suitable explanation, or illustration.

Personally I found 30 percent of old post on my blog performs better when I re-edited and re-share to social media, its a cool way to bring articles alive.


Why is this so?

Professionalism grow with time, possibly from our experience, and day to day encounter, surely the way you wrote your first article when you first started your blog won’t be the same way you write your present article on the same blog.

That’s how far I can cover about re-editing and poofreading your article to stay off error, its very important, so you stay professional.