page rank checkEver asked the question how to check rank of website?, then you are not alone, actually there are over millions of Online tools to check website rank the easy way.

But just before you proceed with this article, i am quite sure some potential mind stopping questions such as why do i need check my website rank , and whats the best tool to use when checking a website rank?

Like i say there are so man1xy tool to so that, and i wouldn’t be so judgmental on my listing , but popular today is Alexa the most popular page rank checking tool, there is currently in the web.

Top 5 page Rank Check Tool

Back to business here are >> Top 5 page Rank Check Tool

1. Checkpagerank


Easy tool to Check Google Page Rank and Domain Analysis in an instant, trusted and apparently the best there is in checking website ranking and domain details.

2. PRchecker

Easy and effective way to instantly check website domain ranking on Google and many other search engine in just a simple click.

3. Alexa

alexa web page rank

use by all, appreciated by many and judgmental works, the Alexa, web page rank checker is the world most widely and effective page rank checker tool.

the alexa, judges its page rant based on traffic situated to a particular web page for over a short period of time, giving an average on the site bounce rate ,links to,and average page views of a site.

4. SiteScore


site score is yet another valuable tool to get an accurate view of what a site rank really is, and that’s what really matters,accuracy, and here one could really get a glimpse of what his rank really is by mere putting in your domain name and running a quick search on the site name, in turn getting few analytic on touchable areas you could make adjustment on your blog.

5. Google rankings

google ranking

with Google ranking , endorsed by Google it self,one could easily check its ranking on the web the easy way, by running a quick search on potential rank-able keywords you feel you possibly might had ranked for  over 400 page result.