Connecting the right audience in your niche market matters a lot, for it saves you stress of irrelevance and undue attention.

Why should I bother about connecting the right Audience ? – and what does contacting the right audience really means ?

Look :

Keeping a regular passive income generating blog requires you sit tight and know your number one customer.

Its no mistake a blog having just 50legit subscribers get 50 constant read backs and a blog having 1k subscriber having few or null read backs at all.

Its no mistake you ran a facebook ads and see no leads, clicks or sales because you failed to set the targeting option.

Its no mistake you don’t have persons to first broadcast your latest release to – because you let your readers sleep down the drain.

In all »

Contacting / connecting with the right audience is very important.

How do I find the right audience ? Are they in a particular area or blog ? – fact remains the right audience are every where .

They are one time subscribers who felt visually compelled to your works and became an all time subscriber.

Niche Marketing – 6 Ways to Contact the right audience

1. Ask Friends to Invite There Friends – (Make Friendship)

Friends share matters a lot, a friend who shares same blogging interest with you would have a friend who share same blogging interest with you all.

Its simple – “a friend invite or share your content to his profile” , your “friend’s” get to see it on his profile and get to like , it reflects on there profile and then your friends friend “friend’s” get to see it and then you are reaching out on new legitimate audience – very simple.

All you need do is build relationship.
Here is a short tutorial on how i built close friendship on twitter and here is the reward i got sometimes  friends do the work for free.

Why is this important –
Its easy you going to sites like to boost viewership of your blog but its really not advisable cause you could end up targeting / contacting the wrong audience.

I mean , what does a hair condition blog article or sales page has to do with “Blogenage” trust me , you would get a bundle of tweets, likes and pins . But that’s not what really matter.

What’s the whole excess of getting 50 thousand retweets ,likes and tweets if you don’t end up getting any traffic from it?.

2. Create Newsletter – gift

Its what the Pro bloggers do to contact the right audience seamlessly, what they do is , they create a gift, add it to a side bar on s pop-up on there blog and interested (legitimate buyers ) would click to get the free offer then they subscribe to your list , for you to make a paid offer someday to them.

3. Gain trust from your subscribers

Yes – Gain trust from your audience , but first find your number one audience .

So you posted about phone today , tutorial tomorrow, entertainment next tomorrow, and music the next day ?

Eloo, you are spamming your subscriber and you would loose them more faster than you got them.

4. Practice Keyword research the right way

One simple way you personally loose your big bunch of audience is practising “vail keyword research”.

In the 5th point of this article I talked about how you could lose 90% of your supposed traffic targeting the wrong keyword research.

There I gave instance of a search result on
Samsung Galaxy s4 specification – having 90,000 monthly search
And Samsung Galaxy s4 specifications – having 5,000 monthly search.

And the whole point of difference is the “s”

It thus reflect this way.

You don’t know where legitimate subscribers are , but you need as much traffic from keyword research and optimization , probably you could get a legitimate subscriber from more traffic.

5. Join Conversation of groups/pages related in your niche

the real audience is that buddy who probably loves all about blogging, probably he loves gamming, and joining forum / groups or conversation and making meaningful contributions when warranted (linking to your blog) – doing so can get you a small fish out of the might crowd.

6. Setting the right options.

What right option ?

I mean every right option. Both the subscriber page, the facebook ads geo-targeting option and any thing that have to do with your audience.

90% of males won’t buy a bag online.
50% of female won’t buy a wrist watch online.

That’s the fact.

I prefer you do keyword research properly before targeting your audience .

The more the search tag used the more the probably people would love it if you promote the article.