A recent study found that among all smartphones, iPhones are most likely to be stolen. They were in fact around 100,000 cases of reported iPhone thefts in the UK alone. Which means there were perhaps more cases that were left unreported. And what’s more, nearly 18% crime in New York was Apple products related.


In times like these, the need for a reliable iPhone tracking software that can locate, operate and recover the device from afar seems necessary. One would think that such a mechanism would be built into phones by now. But while they’re still lacking, there are thankfully program makers that are making people’s lives easier through apps.

Pickpocketing isn’t the only way iPhones are lost. 44 percent iPhones were lost due to forgetfulness, especially in public places such as restaurants. It was only 11 per cent iPhones that were stolen from the owners in person. In this case, if you’re going to need an iPhone tracker that doubles as a remote control. You need to be able to control the phone from a different device.

Because apart from losing your money’s worth that you spent on the iPhone itself, you lose quite a bit of valuable information. It has access to every one of your social media outlets. It has your emails, photos, text messages, and your entire digital personality. People that conduct business through iPhones have a lot more to lose—sensitive business data, credit card information, business plans, everything is in there. it is easy to think that a passcode would protect your information, but unfortunately, it is quite easily

There are plenty of software makers out there that are working on an efficient solution. XNSPY for example is an app that tracks your iPhone and provides you with remote access to it. Users need to be able to lock their phones temporally until such time that they find their phone. This app lets them do that. But it also has a ‘wipe data’ feature, similar in function to the proposed Kill Switch which rids the phone of all its memory. While you risk losing your data if you eventually find your phone, you can be assured that no one else gets their hands on it either.

iPhone security still has a long way to go. But as the numbers of theft keep on increasingly, iPhone tracking softwareand apps from other software makers seem to be the only reliable solution.