blog-image-600x250Its Eleven Months Now since shoutershub was launched by me Neon Emmanuel. And sincerely it has been a serious project which yield better Results , Fame and client offers ever since I dropped and sold its predecessor. – 360crest.

Well its nothing personal, but here I felt like sharing what I have achieved as per Blog traffic, yes, just want to share with you some of the article I wrote that fetched me up to 32k page views perhaps you could learn a thing or two from it.

Here are my top ten highly viewed article.

    1. 20 Actionable Tips To Increase Your Page Rank Quickly
    2. How I Increased My Blog’s Traffic by 138% With Google Plus Communities
    3. 5 Benefits of social media marketing over Email marketing ( 11k [views in 1 week.]
    4. Cost Over Gain – Giving off Free Stuffs to get Free Blog traffic
    5. 7 Ways to update your Blog Content for Google’s Mobilegedon
    6. Why Small Business Needs The Email Marketing Companies
    7. 10 Social Media Marketing Strategy you should try today
    8. 8 Sexy Ways Non-Coders Could Improve There Blog Design
    9. What Is Adwords ? – Beginners Ask
    10.  10 Social Media Marketing Strategy you should try today

You could Check the page views count of each of them to find out for your self.

Surprised ?

Don’t be , here is how I got that high amount of pageviews.

1. I Never joke with social media
2. Always share my article updated and outdated.
3. Make weekly social promotions
4. Wrote Guest article giving me Backlinks to my blog
5. Article spun on Forums and social bookmarking sites.

And that was all I got 32k weekly views.

So let me break it down and explain how I did each of the above steps comfortably perhaps you could learn a thing or two.

1. Never joke with social media –
I keep my fans and social buddy real, I dnt play pranks with them, I always use the harsh tags to get more exposure and share on almost all worth sharing social media there is.

2. Always share my article updated and outdated.

If you a good fan of my blog and I, you would notice i write once a week, but that doesn’t mean one social media share through out the whole week.

I mix share and re-share, mix share by sharing interesting stuff and article from other peoples blog to my social media page, although I aint paid to do so , and although I send the blog owner free traffic , However, I build trust and originality in my audience.

Although sometimes mix-share articles turn up a large amount of free traffic to the blog owner unknownily I also get some rewards of new followers, likes and plus one’s(google plus).

3. Make weekly social promotions

Make a weekly budget of paid promotion on social media yes, like planning to promote a single article on the social media like facebook or on paid promotion sites like Blogengae.

4. Write Guest articles with Backlinks linking to me

Presently have written over 53 Guest articles to various blogs some of which I don’t remember now.

However What I do is leave posers and triggers, not repeating an already written illustration on another article, instead making reference to the article so every one could go read for there self thus sending petty traffic to my blog, like the one in the image below.

capture - my top articles

5. Article spun on Forums and social bookmarking sites.

I article spun 🙂 , am not proud of it though, but maybe sometimes we should try the SEO blackhat for once .

I rewrite article to avoid giving my self self-duplicating article and share on Top related forums like Nairaland, Webmastersun, and master-land leaving a read more link or a source link to to my blog, linking to my article and thus giving me free petty traffic.

That was a sneak way I doubled my sites traffic 🙂

Please share your views and possible ways you generate traffic to your blog by the comment box below.