Seriously Picking a Good Domain Name for my Blog / website or brain booting a suitable domain name for a client who needs my service is my Greatest Fear In starting up a New Blog.

Well I discovered The world has Gone trendy and just any domain name you found perfect is either already registered , expired , used and dumb by another blogger guy.

Often times easy to guess names and short to pronounce domain names ranging from (5-7) words count is really hard to find.

And that’s one reason I share – My Not Too Good experience with picking a domain name.

As at (December 23 2012), when I wanted to kick off a new project on the entertainment world, I immediately Calculated my Plans and set a Goal – for it was suppose to be a strictly Music Upload and Download Blog, I purchased a new theme , bought a web software.

But sadly the project didn’t kick off until 15 March 2013, the issue was not because I don’t have founding, neither was it because I don’t have resource.

But trust me! – it was because I never knew the name to pick up for the Project.

Don’t judge me – had some times ended up in. Dumbed project because I get stoked.

Yes ,Get stocked because the niche wasn’t bombing as I researched , and the revenue isn’t coming as planned.

It Happens to every one ok ! – when a business strategy ain’t working you check on another – perhaps it might work.

I some times spoke with Benny – a music producer ( just the right guy to meet), and requested he suggest controversial music domain name for my up coming projects.

He Asked we use – The Ten Business Name Generator Tools which you could see by [Clicking Here].

We finally concluded on a name which I think I never knew was so wired [] , but trust me the projected never lasted for 5months.

Here are 5 Issues I faced using the Domain name

1. The Domain name Locked me down to a single niche – “Gospel Music”
2. Survival in the niche became rear
3. Niche has Low Buyer Intent
4. Niche Has low search rate
5. Niche was very competitive.

The most annoying of it all was that, the domain name locked me downn to its very own Niche.

Mere looking at the domain name, every one could tell its a gospel site because of its name ( True Gospel Zone), swapping topic of discussion to another like the general Entertainment trend / the web development course / or politics which I have a flare for wasn’t an option.

Mind you I paid 3 years in advance for the host/domain name fee, it was suppose to be a big project but I feel i was only blinded by

1. Site Niche alone
2. Total Monthly search rate was too small so I taught it wasn’t competitive

Little do I know it was only the start of my predicaments.

Well, that was te bad side. I left and started a new project named (wired right ?) And that was me paying 2 years in advance for a Blog I haven’t started and taught would be a blog for motivational tips.

I feel the issue wasn’t me wanting to investing, neither was it me paying too much for an investment, but I think the issue was me not understanding certain facts about keyword research before starting a blog and choosing a domain name.

Let me explain.

The google keyword planner give search report gathered and grouped irrespective of geo-graphical environment if the specific area tag is not included.

Thus a single keyword like – Social media marketing which has 8100 monthly pageviews might have 2k views from Us, 1800 from Nigeria , 5k from ghana.

You know your targeted aim by reducing the result rate, and targeting a specifictic geo-graphical area.

Let’s cout off the long story “Had I knew all these facts”.

Back to the subject matter ยป

Granted the Domain name was wired, but also the research I made has an impact on the domain name I choose. fade away, and just by the tick of the time I feel am more professional, and tend to forget the old me, yes, I was reading more books and saw so many mistakes I made.

So I switched over to a new turn, am not quite sure if the domain name is still going through or probably abandoned, you know what it means (a sold of project) 360ccrest kicked between dec 25 2013 – july 19 2014 , the domain name – 360crest was so lovely, but the issue was , I couldn’t survive in the Niche, I taught the issue with my success in blogging has a direct effect on my domain name, little did I knew proper planning and research was needed.

Guess what ? I went into a Multi-Niche blog, covering all categories I could, up to every section of blogging, and marketing and tech.
I did ranked for some, I also made a good alexa rank 14k then , but I was lacking a secound part of me .

Which was “Professionalism”.

I hate bing the guy who likes to say the truth, but I guess its one me I can’t change.

360crest wasn’t a good turn for me, cause in little or nodays after my assumed success, I noticed a 78% increase in my site bounce rate,then I knew so many of my visitors where unprecidented visitors, and was probably lost in my blog interaction, tech, webmaster, programming , how to’s and any single thing that comes my way.

I had to sell 360crest, although I failed to mention I also bought a 2yrs host and domain name bill for the, but this time I think I choosed the right domain name, but the wrong niche.

Thus the point you could pick up as a lesosn from my bored story is that, picking a domain name aint easy at all, but note this, if you pick the wrong domain name on a good niche there is less level of survival, if you pick the right domain name for a wrong niche there is low level of survival.

I know what’s on your mind, right now – which I guess is ” if you found out you pick the wrong niche and it aint blowing you some cash – change it in an instance, common, things don’t work that way, I wish it does but it doesn’t, I knew the truth.

Although I wasn’t a pro, but I knew, running a multi niche blog distract the readers and set most visitors away especially the one time visitor.

Did you noticed my core point of Failure ?

1. Miss planning made me prosponded a project I later ended up dumbing
2. Seeking a friends advice don’t guratee success – try bringing up ideal your self
3. Picking the wrong Niche on a Good Domain name is worse than not starting a blog at all and vice-versa.

So its up to you, like I said I don’t really like to be the guy who always speak the truth, but like it goes, we all learn from our mistakes.

I did and its one reason I share it today.

“Well every cloud has a silver lining”, I gathered my mistakes learned from them and I am currently running over 5 successfully blogs currently