What is a job interview: A job interview is a physical examination interaction on some on. So as to know the mental and physical qualification for a certain position in a certain firm, which he or she applies for.


A Job interview Is an oral examination interaction dissemination and observation on someone who has applied for a position van cant in a firm or organization hand had probably submitted a Resume.

Anatomy Of a Job Interview

So many cut sight and lose the basic fact of the ups and downs of job interview just because they don’t really know the ups and downs of this simple test called a job interview.

Job Interview depends on theses few factors

  1. Your level of interaction
  2. Your lever of observation
  3. Level of thinking
  4. Dissemination of QUESTIONS asked
  5. Characters & Habits
  6. Use of English
  7. Confidence

Been aware of this important factors give you a good go ahead step to make you look qualified for the job.

Just before you read on this motivational article , all you need know is no matter what you do, no matter what you try and how you do it, points and answers given in a job interview tells more than enough about you, it tells how sincere you are, how truthful you her and your state of mind.

Answers Given in a job interview Tells makes the interviewer see you as a plus to he company and not just some one who is payed to work only.

How to Win a Job Interview

  1. Punctuality is the key
  2. Qualification
  3. Dress code matters
  4. Be friendly
  5. Don’t over do
  6. Put culture aside
  7. Respect matters a lot

Putting culture aside means putting every cultural practice you make at home like prostrating while greeting, giving of pecks when greeting, keep it simple – a hand shake is enough.

Don’t over do means you don’t act in a pretends in being who you just ain’t, imagine the job interview starts by 10am and you arrived at the job interview spot 7am even before the interviewer could arrive – funny enough it doesn’t speak that good about you it tells just how desperate and sleepless you are over the job.

Also you should be prepaid to disseminate questions quickly and readily with perfect illustrations that are amazing and worth thinking would give you more edge over applicants on that interview.

Note: Been Beautiful or handsome alone can never do the magic but will be a plus when your brain ponder faster to good ideals, couple with a well coordinated behavior and balanced with high esteem of humbled hospitality and flexibility, the you can spice your beauty and handsomeness with good smell which would be the drive.

5 essential things to do while preparing for a job interview.

1. Know the organization figure.

Doing this involves knowing what kind of organization is this, is it an organization for causal workers or co-operate workers, how do workers there behave and dress. But identifying what kind of organization that is , helps in shaping your attitude towards behavior and dressing

2. Know the Dress code

Co-operate or Causal? – Shoes or boots, Suits or sleeveless ?

3. Look Smart

Putting on the best and palatable appearance is very essential and important, just like the normal saying that goes – you would be addressed just the way you dress.

No disappointment or digress is pronounced if you dress unruly to an interview and in an instance you where sent out in an aggressive manner

4. Keep it simple

No over stress, no over dress like it’s a wedding occasion or a drama event, No bushy hairs, no crazy hair cut, no hair styling.

5. Maintain originality

Don’t form like you speak phonetics a lot , or you went school overseas, or like you studied English language. Maintain originality and don’t just add a tiny,or trebling voice , but a friendly voice.

5 Reasons you don’t just get a Job interview

There are possibly many reasons you don’t ever get a job interview approved, no matter how hard you try no matter how hard you work you probably might be lack some of the wanting factors.

  1. Punctuality
  2. Appearance
  3. Use of English
  4. Code of conduct/ Behavior
  5. Lack of preparation
  6. Over stress
  7. Dealing with phobia

Sleeping a moment to your interview is just a kick back by you, no matter what you do, you just cant beat nature, you would look stressed up and worked up.

Do’s and Don’t of a Job interview


  • Be friendly
  • Ask question a lot CCTV might just be watching your rate of interaction with others
  • Be respectful even to the receptionist


  • Don’t be Lousy
  • Don’t Shiva
  • Don’t use Foul language.
  • Don’t use any abusive words
  • Don’t seat else you are asked to
  • Don’t show your talent – its not a talent hunt show
  • No jokes – just stop all your cranky jokes for then.

Job Interview Case Study

The appetite of the taste of water cant be hidden when the rain falls, just like the human behavior which is like a smoke fire , no matter how you try to cover it up , it shows on the surface again.

Interviewing you tells and gives a bigger impression and say about you also gives all the insight one needs to know about you the applicant.