So you haven’t heard of the Iphone 4 for so long, well its not because more top smartphone with big features are in the market nor is it because the iphone now has a big gen smartphone, but because no one really loves the iphone 4 anymore. to suite your case here are 3 Reasons Every One left the iphone 4.

3 Reasons Every One left the iphone 4

iphone-4-volume-buttons-620x213-cReversed volume buttons

its seems unnoticed, but its really not unspoted, the iphone 4 has a reversed volume up and volume down button, come on pick up any android phone and you would find out it has the “+” key up before the “-” key .

it makes it really inconvenient for those who had been using a different brand smartphone before jumping into the iphone 4

iphone-4-brokenCrakable body cover

i find it really hard to see an iphone without a cracked cover , cause its made of Glass !!,  this is simply unusual. building a smartphone with glass, which is prone to falling some day.

the iphone 4 isnt just built with glass, but with a firfgile glass, that tends to breake more easily than rhe regulary smartphone covers.

small phoneToo small to hold

the iphone 4 although expensive but its really small, and in-depth to hold, i mean you need shift your hands a bit down before to get to really hold your phone.

the iphone can not be conveniently held with two hands for its two small, and thus you can only type with one hand.