Every One wants to Rank high, every one want to get first place on the Search page, almost every one could pay for a permanent position on the first page, so many get a permanent post at the first page, and just for nothing, they won’t leave the first page, not for you and not for any body.

And that’s probably one of the few reasons you should promote your search engine presence.

They are probably many ways of increasing your search engine presence, some of which you would learn from your course in blogging and internet marketing, others which I shall share with you now.

But just before I proceed, there few tips every blogger should know about search engine presence and some rank factors.

Which includes

          1. No search engine position is permanent
          2. Search engine presence increase according to Number of hard works
          3. Search engine presence is synonymous to social media presence
          4. Link building is an integral aspect of promoting your search engine presences.


No search position is permanent, people gain reputation every day, and possibly no page rank is definite or ideal on the web, it changes with interest, wants and desires of I and you, the web users, certainly if I personally changed my interest to more attractive images and I prefer image chat to text, I could possibly make search on the search engine of “photo sharing” dating site, and that could lead me to instagram , and believe me, once I like it, others like, that would be the turning point of instagram as a Social media, thus interest varies regularly.
Since:No search engine position is permanent,Search engine presence increase according to Number of hard works, Search engine presence is synonymous to social media presence and Link building is an integral aspect of promoting your search engine presence , that means you have a sure probability of gaining the first page on social media only by hard work, and few of the tips I shall share today.

Enough with the illustration, let’s move into the title for today.


Increase your search engine presence – 5 things you need to do

1. Build Back Relevant Links:-
There are so many ways of building backlinks, which include Building Backlinks From Quality content , However it is recommended not to harbour bad links, or links marked for suspicious black hat activities.

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It is therefore important never to have a site wide link, this is in apposition to webmaster who leave “link credit” at the end of all theme/ plugins they create, which in turn is a link to them, but personally not advisable.

Some of the means I would urge us to build backlinks are – :


Using social media

Like I once said, social media is very synonymous to blogging, and is also important to content relevancy as measured by search engine.

Your total content share, your total likes retweets and plus one, is a plus for you on the search engine, I would have explained how possible this get, but I shall do so on my next article.


Using Google Plus

If there is one free social presence booster you need then its Google plus, Google plus is so helpfull, to help you get free and easy CTR from google, Since google Plus is essential and an integral aspect of search engine presence , its therefore important every one uses the Google Plus social media.

Here is how Google Plus social Media works :- Google Plus is made by Google, and its google first , best and search engine integrated social media, I.e all relevant post you make on your profile would appear on the first page of google for logged on users .

Note my words : Relevant , I mean often search contents, and I also relevant hash tags, The higher your Followers and plus ones the more higher your potential to rank high on search engine. Simple and free.

Advisable, entertainment blog should avoid Google Plus for some certain post, cause to an extent, not all shares and post on entertainment and celebrity Blogs are worth sharing, some are just short tips and news , which is best preferred on other social media.

Too many share of irrelevant content on google plus would lower your Search engine presence by Google plus, especially if you have confirm Google Plus autoship.

Note: Google Plus Autoship, is like a permission you set on your google plus profile to get some of your post on the first page of google.


3. Using relevant Keywords

Using relevant keyword is so important in blogging, and because of keyword relevancy is one reason you are on any position you are today in blogging, all search displayed by google algorithm are all combination of noun, verb, phrase and adjectives from there register.

Freely, any one could Conduct a search engine keyword research using the Google Keyword Planner Tool.

Celebrity blogs are always found victim of keyword research , cause most post they make probably have no related keywords to add, thus they miss there turn on the search engine presence, but to an exception.

The saviour
Search engine is very friendly with social media, and thus getting high amount of followers, retweets , facebook likes and shares could give you great edge on unnoticed relevant keywords, placed unknowingly by you, or better still find you a place on Google News. 🙂 feeling relieved right ?.


5. Practicing SEO

The 201 Google guidelines was not made for fun, neither was it made for no reasons, but to give you a guidelines towards blogging, you don’t need to know all of them word for word, but all you need are the vitals in the rules, the 201 Google Guidelines talks mostly of Search engine optimization.

Mentioning a few, some important to do search engine optimization are , Meta Tags, image optimization, bolding relevant keywords, and Articles Length, some of the Google 201 rules are , No plagmarism, no seo black hat practice and no paid traffic etc..


In conclusion

These process I mentioned are not instantly effective, for instance links built might stay up to 3 months, before google Re-crawl all links relating to your site considering the millions, if not billions of links online, and also various search engine considering the thousands of search engines post, and social bookmarking sites online, certainly patience is a virtue to success.

Hmm, This is possibly how far I can mentor us on blogging and increasing search engine presence, non-the-less, I hope to here your success story shortly on gaining the first page in the blogging world , wishing you success in blogging