Your blog needs a Profitable Niche, every blog has a niche, every one needs to recognise and follow up a niche and not just any niche is successful.

Surprised ?

Don’t be.

Today’s blog cycle are composed by drifters, who simply for one reason or another swing off a particular subject of concentration due to bloggers block or writers block, or perhaps lack of interest or insufficient fund.

A Niche needs no further definition, for its simply what your blog is all about, and Is the key factor of your survivor in blogging.

A Niche keyword is a simply a search keyword , having a reasonable amount of traffic , and with work and consistency you could win front page on that keyword phrase.

Since Choosing a Niche is very important, how do I then chose a Niche?

Simple – just read on.

I personally once had issues with choosing a better niche and thus often find my self placing irrelevance on my blog, there about causing more harm than good to my blog.

I was able to conquer that problem by considering the below questions.

#1- What does a niche really means
#2- What is my Niche
#3- What do I need a niche for
#4- Can I run a multi niche blog
#5- What’s a random Niche
#6- Is there any penalty of choosing a random niche ?

To aid us get accurate knowledge of these facts I shall explain every word above.

1. What does a niche really means

Simply put – a niche really means your blog, I mean your niche is what makes 100% of your blog, is what makes people check back to read your content and its what really makes you a blogger.

2. What is my niche

Personally I find this question personal – what’s your niche ?

Wait !!! I ask you again what’s your niche? , blogging ? Tech ? – come off it that’s no niche, that’s no trend to follow after.

Tech has – House old technology power utility , Smartphone , Gadgets , and any technological operated devices you can think about.

Blogging – WordPress blog, bloggers blog, joomla, seo, MMO (make money online ) , Internet marketing, content marketing and email marketing etc.

One grieve mistake so many are making is choosing a multi niche , instead of a single niche, little wonder it takes you so long to rank for a single word phrase while others do so within months and days.

What do I need a niche for ?

You need a niche to
– Get ranked for a specific keyword
– Get Trust from your readers
– Get Quality readers
– Get returning readers
– Get traffic
– To be specific.

Can I run a Multi Niche blog

Yes you can – in fact so many does.
but personally I find this considerable , but with an alteration.
when you want to go after niche in the same category, e.g under blogging – Seo and Content marketing , content marketing and make money online.

Picking a niche for your blog is been affected by different factors, which includes ;
1. Consistency
2. Availability of resource
3. Indefinite patience
4. Your schedule

Consistency – you don’t run a multi niche blog without time to regularly updating it.

imagine you writing 10 topics on 10 different speciality and still expecting perfection in all articles every day, for 30 days ?

Stressful right?

Comfortably I would chose a single niche blog where I could concentrate and post only once or twice in a week.

Availability of resource – deals with relative reserves you have and need to run your niche , Personal Computer , scanners ( Bar code scanners ) and constant internet connection.

pretty Much right?

if I don’t have the above mentioned you could choose a single niche blog which requires me go to a cafe once in a week to update the blog and still getting my ranks and my usual readers.

Indefinite patience – patience has always been a virtue to success , and no one would predict the most Profitable Niche that would work for you, interest wise , resource wise and many more.

Your schedule – so you run on circular job and always here and there doing one or two work for your boss, and therefore don’t have time for your blog.

Choosing a niche like news and entertainment isn’t a good ideal, where news and entertainment files and stories get resort and newer in a single tick of the clock.

In conclusion
Picking a niche for you blog depends much on you, your time and schedule and how wisely you make your choice.

I would have loved to give you Niche Ideals you could pick up to create a fascinating blog, but I think that wouldn’t work for you, though it worked for me.

Howdy, That’s how far I can go in mentoring us ” on choosing a better Niche for your blog ” please share your ideals and taught at the comment box below 🙂 .


  1. Hi Neon bro,
    Definitely we need to choose profitable niche if we are serious to make something online. It is very important to focus more time and research while selecting niche for our blog.

    You explained it very clearly in this article with good example.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing this article.

    And, i am so exited to see your guest article on my blog. (Just remembering you!)

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    Happy blogging.
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