open_book_on_tabl_450Your newly created / published E-book on Google, for easy accessibility and fast downloads , here the tutorial you need to add your newly created E-book on Google , if you are using WordPress it ease up the stress of easy file optimization, with SEO Plugins like – All in one SEO tool, SEO by Yoast and many others one could Easily beat up the SEO fight.

How to optimize and index your ebooks on googleOk enough with that , can you please tell me how index my E-books on social medias ?

yes i can 🙂

But just before start this Short tutorial, i wanna give us some tips on how the PDF index works.

Tip 1

you upload your files through the “add media” section of your wordpress blog, and not on any part or folder of your blog, cause it might be blocked by your robot.txt file. or .htacess files

For instance – depending on the persimmon your host provider/you set on your .htaccess you might not be able to access filse and folder in the home based directory , i.e directory in your homebase e.g or /folder.

Tip 2

Google crawler easily search and indexes interlinked files, thus if you interlink a link to your files on a post, google would easily crawl it.

Tip 3

Check that your directory file base directory is not password protected.

For WordPress users

  • Upload PDF File in the media option , attach and link PDF to a post already made for a long chain Google Crawling.
step 1
click on the add new media
  • Upload / select to Optimize the EBook.

select the PDF FIle

  • Don’t add the PDF suffix or Prefix to avoid Over Optimizing Content
  • Setup your Meta-data’s (caption and Decription only)otpimize the ebook
  • Make sure to keep a simple and short link.

eidt url to make it neat