There are so many wp Ecommerce plugins, there are so many affiliate marketing WordPress plugin, for better productivity, but here and now I recomend the Go codes wordpress plugins, to hide affiliate links, Hide affiliate links? Why should I hide an affiliate link affter all?.

Here are 2 reasons to hide an affiliate link.

1. To set the Link structure Neat.
A typical konga affiliate link looks something like this .$4a/mobile_phone/samsung%galaxy%s4%23254/?k_id=360crest.

But using an affiliate wordpress plugin you could set redirection to something like this in this neat format.


2. Don’t Let out in an Open that you are a Marketter.

Most buyers ,Bloggers and webmaster, some times just won’t buy from an affiliate markter, though it has no side effects but – its natural.

Guess what They Place there cursor on the buy now or any anchor text link you placed to check if its to an affiliate link or not.

For the SEO Reasons.
Wordpress plugin such as the wordpress Gocodes Plugin doesn’t just shorten a link, but it add the Nofollow tag to the link.

And this is for seo reasons, “Seo Wise” a link like an affiliate link, which has so many numeric figures and Alphabet is not advisable, infact it drastically affects your site rank on search engine.

Well if you use a WordPress CMS, you could Download

Download: WordPress Gocodes Plugin.

This is off the subject case but, if you wana hide affiliate link on bloggers blog, don’t forget to check the nofollow link on the pop-up box.