Do you need a Google Adsene account for your youtube account, otherwise known as Google Adsense Youtube ? have you heard of the word vlogging ?

Well here is how it works, its more easy to get a Google Adsense approved youtube account than a website domain name approved google Adsense account, and one good news about it all is that the hosted-google Adsense account (Google Adsense Youtube Account) can be transformed to the non-hosted Google Adsense account later in the future.

I had tried it and it worked for me, here is how ..

Google Adsense Youtube

  1. Create few Videos and Upload it to your youtube channel.


  1. Make sure it gets a considerable amount of views like 20 -100 by sharing with Friends or by asking others to watch it or by buying one from SEOCLERKS (1k youtube views for 1$)[click here to buy now]

google adsense for yoube

  1. Go to Youtube Video Monetization Dashboard [click here to visit] and a dashboard like this would appear

apply for google adsense by youtube


  1. Click on the monetize video pan
  2. and you would be redirected to a series of confirmation and form fill up
  3. shortly after a  confirmation would be sent to you via gmail connected to your YouTube account.