google-adwords-red-1920Need a good PPC platform to place your money and get more Quality traffic to it ? well Google adwords is all you need.

It might interest you to know that Having a Good website with some creative and professional content don’t get you traffic ,it don’t get you Search Engine Clicks it only Gives you Rankable potential, yes, all you really need is a Google adwords account.

Google adwords is one good PPC tool you should consider using if you haven’t already.

One reason I love google adwords is because sometimes its really not about your money, but about what you offer [Click here to read more – about Google adwords].

Surely you are gonna pay to sponsor post from google adwords on google search engine and its search partners, but if your promoted content doesn’t meet the Google adwords score match, your account would be irrelevant and you would not generate much clicks any longer and thus would be a total lose on your money.

The first four weeks of your activating your google adwords account its going to be time and resource consuming yes its going to be a royal rumble to generate relevancy score which is determined by your activity and how much time, and money you place studying and re-marketing on google it self.

Easier said than done, believe me you, i advice you read and understand all there is about google adowrds, although its one cool way to get organic click and real info seekers on your blog , its also another way to loose all your money and resource in just a single miss-judgement or miss-calculation.

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How to get an adwords account

1. Goto  fill up the first login details form, create a new account or use existing account, i recommend you create a new account for google adwords only.


2. Fill up account timing (time zone) and local currency

adwords-set-time-currency-preferences3. Select the Payment option type convenient to you.


  • Post Paid or
  • prepaid

Post Paid Billing  (automatic billing) – automatically bills your account on thresh hold or on reserved clicks , i,e getting clicks first and paying automatically later, like facebook does.

Prepaid (manual billing) – is pay as you go, it first bills your account before your adds is live and once your amount deposited is finished your campaign stops automatically.

click the continue button and you have just successfully created your google Adwords account