Have you ever had login issues, or series or Security Issues on your facebook account, ? Have your account be compromised or temporarily locked, has it been hacked or you have granted certain apps certain permissions on your facebook profile which now compromises your privacy and looking for a human in facebook to talk to?

Well if that’s your problem I most say, you are not along, I personally had faced “account Blockage” Security issue on my profile.

I Noticed The facebook contact system is very bad, the contact system involves only a series of asked question, which they would show you , thinking that’s your kind of problem. Thus I taught if you would follow these few steps of mine below you would get this method in an instance.

I also noticed this in relation to a friend who once have account blockage.

Just before you read on, here are few things that could cause your facebook account been blocked or locked.

1. When your authentic Name is changed.

    When you add a different name from your authentic name or when the name on your facebook profile doesn’t tally with the name on your credit card , which you might have once used on facebook.

2. When you Brake there Term of Service.

    This is always usual, when you brake there term of service, you get a temporary blockage, asking you to upload a “snapped” or “scanned” Photo of a government issued ID, or Two identity cards, E.g (Credit card & Present or Former schooling identity card) indicating the same name on your facebook profile and on your card.

    If after you possibly made necessary steps to suit this problem, and you have uploaded a Government issued ID,and the name issued is sort of different from that on your profile, a message would be sent to you, asking you to confirm an external help in changing your name, according to the name seen on the card, after that your account would probably be reinstated.

Ways you brake Facebook Term of service: – you auto Post, Auto Like, Auto comment, or uses any of a third party app, which seeks permission from your facebook profile and brakes the user terms of privacy.

Note:- this problem might arise days/months after you might have updated your Facebook profile, but it is considered to be for users security.

1. When you seem to have multiple account:- the problem might not be from you, but they assumed your account to be mutipulated, and wanted to know the one you are possibly using, maybe , other people with similar name, registered / abandoned those account .

Well here are few facts you probably should know about your account after its been blocked.

Your facebook username URL becomes irrelevant and inaccessible

You would continually receive latest Notification from facebook( if you enable notifications)

You can’t access message and profiles.

You get helped when you help your self, by submitting a government issued card.

An Alternative.

    Well There is an Hourly Operated alternative which is identify name of friends tagged on your profile, all you need do is , choose the write 5 answers and that’s all you would pass the test, but if you don’t, the only cure is unloading a scan document.

Now back to the main Question/Topic ยป

How to Contact a Human on Facebook

    1. Log on your account, although your account is temporarily locked you could access the front end of your login presence (unless its blocked) or unverified.

    2. Goto

    3. 1st field , insert your facebook account associated email

    4. Second field indicates your complaint text.

Tips on reporting an Issue to Facebook

    1. Write modestly
    2. No fowl language
    3. Write respectfully
    4. Use short summary words to explain big comprehensive words.
    5. Upload a screen shot if possible.

Illustration –

Eloo Howdy,

Am “Your First and Secound Name”, am currently having a/an ___ issue you are currently Facing____ , which I believe tech guys in your deperatment could help me on, I am having a/an ____ problem type___ issue to be precise, and as you requested ,below I shall upload a screen shoot/cast of my problem, and there after my National Identification Card for clearance.

Thank you.

And that’s it, they always answer users in the speed of light.

“Well, Experience They see is the best teacher, but pray you don’t get to experience this kind of experience.”

Hope that was helpful