niche-defination-.pngWant to start a Niche website today ? here are few helpful resource to help you jump start into being an entrepreneur and starting your own personal online business market in no time.

Well it easy to read, but its hard implement the below sites and reference link are top sites , whit helpful resource from great authors that would help you jump start into starting your own niche site.

wait a minute !

Whats The Definition Of Niche Site ?

i forgive you for not reading – this article, but for the beginners out there , a niche site is like a micro site, with just one keyword focus. i mean the blogger blogs of just one thing in partiicular, for instance , in talking about online web servers or Host for your website, the act on focusing on bluehost alone is the act of building a niche site.

yes i mean , selling and marketing bluehost as an affiliate to get money online. marquee , affiliate market is not the online means one makes money online, other means worth trying, which i am currently using is clickbank and Google Adsense for those who has it.

Why Niche Website

it is easy to rank  , which means – More rank, more traffic, and more money. i keep my mouth seal on the rest, after all you are not paying me :mrgreen: lol, was just kiding thou.

How to Build a Niche Website

1. Seanogle

This is one article i find so interesting, with up to 6thousand words article, for instance the author outlined 15 points one could use in jump starting and creating a niche blog in no time, he also shared personal experience , and i think he explained it so simple, plus the basic SEO settings you should consider setting up.

Most of the points he outlined include:

  • Write 5 articles reviewing 5 of the most popular items in your niche
  • Write 3 in depth tutorials on your niche (How to _______)
  • Write 3 list posts
  • Repeat……

You can read the article here [Read here]

2.  Smartpasssiveincome

if there is one big author who has all interesting secrets you need to know about starting a niche website i think Smartpassiveincome is the best site to get started with.

for instance , smartpassincome don’t just bark, they don’t tell lies like other bloggers, they show you proves and show you how much they have earned over the previous months.

one of the important fact there shared which i so love is the ones below.

  •  Earnings are generally more limited
  • It’s not a push-button money maker
  • It can be very passive
  • It’s relatively quicker to provide results
  • It’s relatively easy to setup
  •  It’s relatively cheap to setup.

you can read the full article here [read article here]

3. 2createwebsites

Short and simple no long stories and talks, i think 2createawebsites killed it all, yes i mean with the basic and important to follow-up steps on setting and building up a niche webiste , with a link to success stories below the article.

here is the link to access the article [read here]

4. Cloudliving

short and excellence masterpiece from Tung Tran, i recommend you so much to read his article and to follow the guide in it, one thing i love about this guy is that he speaks the truth, he explained and shared his own personal experience and what it fetched him, for instance he gave clear illustration about how he built his own niche website.

here he outlined basic plugins you could use for start ups

which includes :

  • WordPress SEO
  • Digg Digg
  • Easy WP SEO
  • Related Posts via Categories
  • TablePress
  • Visual Website Optimizer (Optional): I’ve installed it recently to split testing on improving click through rate.

Here you could read article for your self [click here to read Now]


is just one perfect sites to get the clearer picture of how stating a niche site looks like, the author explained how to make an extrusive keyword research and get ranked for a keyword – infacto the authors focus point was how to rank for a niche website.

i think you should read the full article your self. [click here to read].

well the above are helpful resources i personally have found useful. please tell me if any is so helpful to you personally, by the comment box below.