how i increased my website traffic with google plus communitiesGoogle Plus Groups aka Google plus Communities is a New innovation to Facebook Groups, and its a better way most webmasters are getting free traffic from Google’s Own Social media.

I know you know about Google Plus , and you know about sharing on Google plus,but trust me if you haven’t used Google plus Groups , you haven’t used Nothing.

For instance I started noticing a sharp increase in my Traffic curve and a little Bit increase in my optin-rate merely by submitting post on Google plus in a refined manner.

So many uses google plus, so many make shares on google plus, but so many don’t make neat shares on Google plus.

Am going to make this article as simple as possible so even newbie would learn a thing or two from it.

How I Increased My Blog’s Traffic by 138% With Google Plus Community.

All I did was to follow these 6 steps.

1. I set up my account completely.
2. I make my account a Little Bit popular, using the “follow for a follow” technique
3. I Join Interactive Groups
4. I make neat shares
5. I Increased my Traffic by 138%
you Too can

1. Set up your account, there is noting special here, you goto, use existing Gmail to Login or create a new Gmail account and fill up ever user information,

2. “Follow for a Follow” – All you need do is find interacting discussion on your niche, click on the pan and check to see list of Users who plus one or re-shared an already made share on your Niche, follow them back, and with every probability you might get a follow back

Read Here to learn The follow for a follow technique on all social media. [Read article Here]

3. Next I would run a Search on my Niche , and find the Most Interactive Group there is in that Niche.

google plus page
search for interactive communities on Google plus

And Join the group.

4. Next I would make neat shares

The Secret is not that I joined the group, nor is it because I carefully researched an interactive group, but because I make neat shares.

Like this one.

googlep pus share 1

Which is far better than this one .

googlep pus share 2

And surely you could guess the interaction Rate in this two shares.

Let’s analyze – Here is a Post with out Shares on Google plus Communities / Groups.

googlep pus share 3


and here is a post I made and the Page views I got with Google plus shares, and here is another .

google plus share 4The Question is How do i Get to make these neat shares ? well here is an example of neatly shared article and the level of interaction it gave.


and here is the template to make yours.

Google Plus Social Sharing Template
when making a share on Google Plus, add the symbol* before and after my title line, like this*How to Dominate Google wit Harsh tags*

Press the enter Key
Add a few description
*read more -> *

Ok howdy that’s my little big secret. The ball is in your court that’s another way to drive more traffic to your blog.


  1. Hi Neon bro,
    Yes, we can drive good amounts of traffic by marketing our site on Google+. In this article you explained it clearly.
    Here we should mind that, not only sharing a link will give you results. We need to follow some tips and implement them correctly. Joining on relevant communities and making good relationship with others will give you good results.

    So, it will be better to collect some relevant groups with high members and start promoting your blog!

    Anyway, very useful article you shared with us.
    Will you please share a list of google plus communities with us where you share your blog?

    And, would love to see your valuable comment on my blog (New Article published)

    Happy blogging!
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