twiterEvery one needs Twitter Followers, yes, the Free legitimate Twitter followers, but no one knows how to increase the productivity yield of Twitter follow-ship, its not about getting. A bunch of Twitter followers like 23thousand or 50 thousand, but its about getting at least 50 clicks from twitter everyday even without running a promotion campaign.

Well proud to say am one of those Big guys with 20K twitter followers which I exposed how I got this by following the follow for a follow technique, but I discovered I had just a few interactivity rate on my post..

Here is how I increased my twitter interactivity rate by 155%. – hopefully you could learn a thing or two from it.

How i Increase my Twitter User Engagement by 155%

1. I followed people of the same interest

I had sometimes explained how to dominate social media with hashtag , here are ways you could do such – ยป Read full article here.

had some times back created a video on how I increased my twitter follow-ship and interactivity by 160% which I think you could watch here – Watch video Here.

The benefit of following others to get followed is that it gives your content a meaning, your shared content a meaning, cause only people of same interest would open to see your shared link.

When users follow you on twitter, they get to see what you share, now if you don’t share good stuff they could ignore your post and never make a single click to it.

2. I share stuff that matters and make a difference

If top American singer and rapper “Meek Mill” just bought a new car doesn’t add any impact or make any difference to me why should I share it ?, the newly bough car belongs to him and doesn’t add any impact to me nor my fans.

But if meek mill dropped a new killer single album – that makes a difference to me. people would get to benefit and enjoy my share by getting a free download link to download the album and not going over to itunes to buy the album.

Those making shares that impacts make users click the retweet button with ease.

3. I create charming headlines

Headline hack is the most important interactivity factor of twitter activity and interactivity. If your headline is chopped of or replaced with dots, if your headline is too long too messy and too strenuous to understand, forget it no one would make an impression on your shares.

4. I make it simple
I am probably one of those guys who believes “simplicity is the soul of wit”.


Thus making simple shares gives you an edge over other rough and UN-organised shares others make.

It lets you gives concentration to what needs to be done like making a click to the link or clicking the retweet button.

5. I retweet popular brands

One way I fascinating boost my twitter activity is by “retweet and favoring popular figures and brands”.

Most of the time they get a high amount of follows and retweets on there profile because of Perhaps how neat, or how interesting there headline is.

I know what’s on your mind right now, if you retweet popular brands you won’t get a benefit from it.

I mean no traffic back to yours, its just you sending out favor to the already popular brand, but I tell you far from that, when you make shares that matters a lot, other likes it and then they get to like you, and more of much they get to like your content, and make you a star over them.

6. I join the #Trending Now hashtag.
If I am looking for a trendy news to follow, a follow for a follow back start match, I join the trending now #hash tag located at the left bar of your twitter profile.


In There , they are lots of guys online posting a a particular thing, sharing a particular trendy info.

7. Make shares regularly – with buffer.

Buffer is one free and paid social media auto post tool had enjoyed using, it allows me set post times, I notice a sharp interactivity activity on my post shared due to variation in world timing, when I share here in Ghana at 12 o’clock am, its 9PM at the united states and probably most of them would be fast asleep.

Buffer has a activity rate timing frequency that notes when users comes mostly online and predicts if you would get a reasonable amount of interaction and website clicks by sharing on those time hour.

Like here in ghana all teens are in there activity mode on social media by 8 -10pm, which is like 7 – 9am in the united states.

But with buffer all you need do is schedule post and get it posted when you set the activity timing.

Ey buddy, am not doing this for the fun, but trying to share what worked for me, check this post for a second time, no promotion or affiliated link, all slim, thus your trying it out is no monetary benefit to me.

But if it worked for me, it could work for you, if its worth trying.