The Importances of Social Media can not be compromised in blogging, mind blowing Questions such as how do I gain followers on twitter without following back, or without paying a Penny would probably be running through your mind, just as it has once ran through my mind, just then I discovered this simple exploit to gain more twitter followers instantly without a reciprocating follow back.

Just to convince you There is a Genuine way of gaining free twitter followers, Yes Genuine without granting some dubious app some permissions into your profile , or some unnecessary follow back, making your profile jam-parked with irrelevance, I crave your indigence to follow up the method I shall expose here closely.

How to Gain Followers On Twitter instantly

Spare me 3 minutes of your time Let me explain the scope and methodology of twitter.

Twitter is preferred to other search engine cause of its feature and interface, twitter users are likely to get all there tweets distributed to there followers if it matches the same interest with them,precisely without missing words a single tweet by a twitter user could reach over 70% of what facebook could offer.

In compare , Facebook fanpage algorithm reaches only 10% of its user which is 60% out compared to twitter.

No hard Feelings no critics, had used both sides and had saw the pros and the cons.

One major cons of twitter is that you are limited to few word of expression. 160 to be precise. While you have all the length of description on facebook.

Enough with my ranting, hope you were not bored by my in-sequential stories.

Back to business
1. Follow People and Not Pages:- A Common mistake many make is following pages on twitter instead of people, the main aim of following a person on twitter is to achieve a reciprocated Follow back or News.

If you need a follow back, then you are probably making the wrong choice of following pages instead of people, usually pages would have many followers, tweets, and re-tweets from others with high followers and tweets, you would seem faceless and unrecognized if you continually follow pages and expect to gain there attention by re-tweeting there tweet.

2. Retweet tweets of Pages and Not people:- Now this is a direct inverse of the first point, usually pages have a relative high number of followers and little distraction like people they follow, thus re-tweeting there tweets would make you grab there attention and thus gain a re-tweet from them, at such exposing you to potential followers.

3. Add Image to your tweet:- People are used to tweet a few words forget image its a waste of time. Which is not true.
Adding image to your tweet would spontaneously increase your Retweet rate and follow up, well pictured and interest arresting pictures would make others interested in your tweet.

4. Shrink all links:- Recalling that twitter is only restricted to 160 words its advisable to make all your points and links as short as possible.
Some times I use link shorten service like or or ,

5. Easy with the HashTags and @mentions:- Hashtags and @ mentions are also great expiolt is grabbing your interested people or page attention, but it becomes a cliché if it is often use and u become yet another spammer on twitter.

6. Favorite Tweet by people not pages:- Last in my guide is favorite tweet by people not pages, and the reason stay the same, so you grab the person interest and retweet.