So you heard about blogging,  and heard its a quick way to earn money and its a quick cool and sharp way to earn money online, perhaps you dint get the real gist, perhaps they never told you some basic secrets to consider before starting a blog.

And that’s why people find them selves having piles of dumped projects on there hands, which is bad and rather more or less a waste of time, finance which should be regarded precious as a blogger.

3 Tips Things To Consider Before Starting a Blog

Check Your Schedule: You could consider your schedule,  asking this self exterminating question do i have a busy schedule, it would be rather more a waste of time if you just build a blog,and of you leaving folding harms and praying for magic to happen. Too bad blogging doesn’t work that way.

Its always the case and part of many silly excuses most bloggers make. knowing your schedule is a better plan to keep your mind fixed and to keep you form the addictive effect of blogging.

Why is this important?: Blogging is addictive, and it would end up colliding with all other activities you might ever carry out when you start blogging.

whats your aim on Blogging: Whats your aim on blogging, there are so many people just running an aimless blog, with no plan for the future, and thus end up wasting lots of money for the different connection and all other activity there use in an aimless blog.

Why is this important? the above is important so you don’t make mistake most other bloggers had made.

Find a Role Model: Finding a role model is the most important factor you ever need  consider just before you start your blogging quest, some times blogging seems bored, it seems lonely and it seems like you are alone, if you don’t have that blog you go to and get motivated, or maybe a tutor that gets giving you hope.

Why is this Important ? Most Bloggers really don’t have the patience to be called a blogger and thus drift out the scheme of blogging just in an instance because there are not motivated, but here and now you could read this always and make it motivations.

Blogging is for the wise for those with patience and its an investment for those who needs money.

Hope That was helpful 🙂