google plus for seoIf there is one clean and cool way to get organic traffic – free traffic given by Google for logged in users, all you need is Google plus for your social media market.

Google plus is one easy way to get tones and myriads of subscriber in a easy fashion , and its Google’s own social media , even integrated into the search engine for logged in users with traffic source regarded as organic.

Google Plus Social Media Marketing plan

  • Create a Post title not more than 5o words
  • Share post in expert so you get some clicks to your website after all.
  • make sure except are properly optimized to match search phrase for logged ion users.
  • With the Read more instruction to send leads to your website plus a 40 word
  • character length at most .
  • Summarize the post so the reader knows what to expect. Make sure summaries are not more than 157 word character and users dont have to click the read more on the Google plus to see the whole write ups.
  • Include a link to the destination post if you’re using an image or video.
  • increase users conversion rate by asking questions and sharing videos.
  • Add three to five hashtags to improve discovery in Google+and Google search.
  • Ease your self off some work and use the auto poster tools, Jetpack for wordpress and Hootsuite.
  • keep up with the update so followers are always updated.
  • Easy with the update
  • verify Google authorship. feature removed
  • set good looking thumbnail photo


  1. Hi Neon Emmanuel,
    Firstly thanks for dropping your valuable comment on my blog!
    Yes, Google+ is great place to get some good numbers of traffic to our blog and i think it’s free!
    I see bloggers are taking it’s advantages and getting more blog traffic to their website. Really it is worth to implement.
    And what do you say about Adding three to five hashtags has any limits. I am not so clear! Many bloggers say it is not so good to add more hashtags. I also think!
    Anyway, very informative article you shared with us. Keep it up.
    Would love to see you again on my blog, Neon!
    Happy blogging.
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