blog traffic

Yes I mean not just a Seasonal traffic but a consistent traffic – like that of Google’s Front page.

Trust me , like every one – I use to think driving traffic to a blog was like being in control of the traffic control like in the literal sense thus controlling vehicles (Visitors / traffic) to my blog, and I used to say to my self ” starting a New blog ain’t a problem in two months time I shall build a Massive correlation of traffic to my blog”

Little do I know that I was day dreaming.

The word sense of traffic Generation gets so bad that unless a certain webpage has a Page rank on Top search engine, it would be really had for it to get insane traffic to its blog – else the Social media marketer would surely go sleepless to get petty traffic to there blog..

They are different types of traffic, and different outcome yield, but just wait a sec read along you would learn a thing or two from this technique.

Getting Free blog traffic Requires you kill and beat your search engine optimization practice hands down – yes I mean doing your home work (the SEO homework).

However its one thing to fill up the meta Data on of the empty spaces in any word press SEO plugin like SEO by yoast or , All In One SEO, and yet its another thing to get more traffic from any traffic search engine gives you.

In different location, different search string are placed on different position on the SEPR List (search engine Page Result List) – yea one reason even if you search your site keyword you saw its ranking on Google webmaster on Google search you might not see your site on the listed page.

Search engine increases your site trust with time, and few traffic sets in, perhaps one or two clicks a day (although research shows SEPR (search engine page result) position has a direct bearing on your sites “mobile friendliness and Back links to your blog”).

Trust me you could double a single traffic to your blog by 100% if you just give “free stuff”

Yea , don’t tell users to subscribe , give them a reason to.

Offer stuff like a course, tutorial or perhaps something they won’t find else where.

And that’s where the whole sense of – “Cost Over Gain – Giving off Free Stuffs to get Free Blog traffic” came from.

For instance if you check the left potion of my blog , this blog , you would notice a Mail icon which makes you inquisitive ( curious ), and by the moment you position your cursor on the icon a slider opens from the sidebar, you get to see a form which requires your name and email address (contact details), filling that Form gets you on my mailing list , and immediately after your confirmation I send you a free pack ” an E-book , a Video , Infographics or a monthly / weekly / daily Webinar tutorial “. – now that’s what I call “cost”, time and resources consuming right ?

But you should check the E-book and Video , I set a Read More link / download now link to almost every paragraph in the E-book, I set anchor links in reference to certain information , tips, review and books I had written in the past and recently thus giving them more viewer-ship like the one’s in the below image.

Capture 4

It doesn’t end there, I lead them to the Course section of my blog where they could pay to learn any of my premium courses.

It also doesn’t end there either, I link the E-book to some discounted affiliate offers which gives me a discount for every thing the reader might buy – Now that’s what I call “Gain”.

Like the capture below

Capture 5

It’s reciprocal, you won’t buy it for more if I ask you to, OK then I’ll give you the stuff for free, but you need to visit my blog for the full details and buy my course for a full tutorial.

I get to get you on my mail list and build a brand even you (the reader) recognize.

One way I Magically drive “Free product lovers” to my blog is by making sneaky excerpts and title on any where I share my stuff.


Google Plus Social Sharing Template
For instance on Google Plus,I add * before and after my title line, like this

*How to Build a Crazy blog that gets Hundred of Visits a Day*

Press the enter Key
Add a few description
*read more -> *

Which looks something like this.



On Reddit

I paste the full article, add the **bold** to make title bold, and the [Link Anchor Text]( which makes an anchor text link, thus making my article charming.

Sometimes one way I do this is by not giving them the full info ,placing the full info on my blog, making them click to my blog to read the full article in my blog. thus embedding my blog URL in there mind.

Trust me if they love it, they would recommend others to read it – likr the above google plus picture.

Now the Big Question is – How long does it take me to create this “free freemium stuff” well trust me its not a premium package but a freemium package already written on my blog which I turned into a traffic generating machine.

For instance if I have an article about blogging, all I do is create an E-book, add some “free extras” of a product discount , hyper link them to an article I hide some secrets , link some articles plus a video which I had once placed on my blog. Trust me people would surely click if you organize it well.

You see I made sure I analyzed all technique and info you need to know, right from the very start, yes I mean how Google gives you a single user and you turn a single user into a million user.

But wait ! You may ask – Why did I made mention of search engine Given User and not social Media Given users ?

Well research tells that search engine given users, are Hungry users who want to get an info and ready to stay up to 30mins to read and understand every single info you have to share, but due to the large choice of results they have on a single search string, they neglect your blog identity and thank you for the info perhaps by droping a coment on your blog.

However, social media Given viewers have just 2 mins to view anything you have to write and close the webpage, remember they stumbled upon it, and was probably chatting with a friend before you grabbed there attention with your attractive Headline.

But not to worry, even if they have got a Whole year on your blog or a single day, one thing for sure is you would get a perfect result, but all you need do is “trick your title (Headlines)” , either by adding numerals before facts (e.g 10 smart ways to Dominate Google’s Top 10) or by adding triggers and posers to your article ( e.g had you ever tasted Google’s First page once ? Here is a crash course to get on google’s first page) what ever way walks for you just find a method to use.

Next make sure you don’t bug users to get on your list, tweak and set the cookies store rate, I recommend you using ” Ninja Kick WordPress plugin” like the one on my blog which you could get from Themeforest fromh this affiliated Link [Buy Ninja Kick WordPress plugin].

Next thing you want to consider doing is picking a Good autorespoder service. Presently I use Getresponse and Freshmail systematically, but if you can’t afford both of them, you can use “Freshmail” it has a Free usage system which allows you use there service until you get your first 500 Subscribers”

Here is a list of best Email Marketing software you could consider using – plans and pricing included.

Sincerely – Email Marketing is the coolest way to get crazy traffic and sales to your blog.

Remember I never had to create new stuff but to convert old stuff – it works like black magic.

Ey howdy, that’s how far I can go, I really wish I could spend a few paragraph with you convincing you on trying this, yes I mean making the move, but howdy I have got jobs to finish on fiverr, by the ways less I forget you can contact me on Fiverr, have got cool Gigs you would love [view my profile on fiverr] – my user name writersblood on fiverr 🙂 , and order any of my Gig for just $5 but till then – I would meet you at the comment section below, I would be waiting – please don’t keep me waiting 🙂 .